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What Exactly is Net Energy Metering, and How Can it Help You Save Money?

What Exactly is Net Energy Metering, and How Can it Help You Save Money?

There is certainly no denying that the adoption of solarenergy provides homeowners with many great benefits, and one of the major advantages of adopting solar energy is net metering. It is also known as net energy metering, and with it, users can be credited for the extra clean energy they produce with their solar panels and sent back to the electric grid. 

Net metering can be considered a utility rate programthat requires your electric firm to buy the extra solar energy that is produced by solar panels at the complete retail rate of electricity. This clearly means that when the solar energy system installed on your rooftop produces more electricity than the requirement of your home, then the extra electricity generated is sent back to the power grid, and your utility pays you back for it. 

It won't be fully wrong to say that net-metering iscertainly a way in which your rooftop solar panels can save you a whole lot of money. In fact, it should be noted that the best states for installing solar panels and systems at your home are not the ones that receive the most sunshine, but they are the ones that have the best net metering policies. 

How is Net Metering Advantageous 

Now, you must have understood the basic mechanism behindnet metering, which is to allow commercial and domestic users who are capable of generating their own electricity with the use of solar panels or photovoltaic solar systems to export their additional energy back to the grid.  

Suppose you are looking forward to going solar and usingsolar panels to generate electricity and power your home without depending on the grid. In that case, you must get in touch with Evaska Energy. It is the best solar company in Delhi that offer an extensive range of solar solutions to homeowners and business owners at the most reasonable prices. 

What's better than receiving back the credit forreturning the solar electricity generated by solar panels to the grid? In addition, it offsets the electricity you consume from the utility in the future, ultimately providing you with the full economic value of all the solar energy produced by the solar panels installed. 

What gives rise to this phenomenon is the fact that solarpanels tend to generate more energy during the middle of the day, the time when the sun is the brightest. The problem occurs in the middle of the day when we utilize the least amount of electricity in our homes. This facilitates our panels generating way more electricity than required for home at that particular time. 

What About the Extra Energy Generated 

In case you wonder what happens to the extra electricitygenerated, it is sent back to the grid, where the role of net metering comes into play. Your electric meter spins backward when a net metered system sends the additional solar energy back to the grid. At the same time, your utility applies credit for the complete retail value of the energy to your account. 

When night comes, your solar panel stops producingenergy, and then you consume electricity from the grid, which forces the electric meter to spin forward again. Towards the end of the building period, the utility averages how much electricity you sent back to the grid vs. how much energy you utilized to determine your final bill hence the name goes net metering. 

Evaska Energy has emerged as one of the top rooftop solarcompanies in Delhi NCR to offer the best solar solutions to companies aswell as homeowners. The experts at Evaska Energy are committed to providing you with the best guidance throughout your journey of going solar and reducing your carbon footprint while contributing to a greener environment.  

These extra credits roll over a monthly basis until theyare summed up on an annual basis. The crediting, rollover and true-up structure forming the bill ensures that the homeowners can utilize their solar system to offset their home electricity usage over the course of the year.  

However, it should be noted that the net meteringprograms are capable of placing limits on the overall size of a solar system. This is done in order to ensure the solar power generated by the solar panels matches the approximate annual energy consumption.  

Provided that you are equipped with an ideal net meteringprogram, you will be receiving a credit for that grid-bound energy at the exact same retail rate that is charged by your utility carrier for any inbound energy required. 

Summing Up: Things to Ponder Upon Related to Net Metering 

Another thing that should be emphasized is that not allsolar systems are capable enough to generate a large amount of solar energy that meets your annual electricity consumption. Even there are some solar systems that offset only a segment of your annual electricity usage. 

Only homes with large solar systems and panels can takeadvantage of the net metering concept and save a lot of money e by reducing the cost of their energy bills. Get in touch with the best solar companyin Noida, Evaska Energy, to install the best quality solar panels insystems at your home or office and generate clean and green energy.  

Solar panels can certainly prove to be a great investmentprovided that the panels installed at your home are the most efficient ones and are of great quality so that they are capable of generating more and more electricity. In addition, you can save a lot on your energy bills by generating clean electricity and taking a step toward contributing to a greener environment.  

What are you waiting for? Give Evaska Energy a calltoday, and get your hands placed on the best range of solar solutions provided to you in accordance with your needs and requirements by the experts at Evaska Energy.  


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