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2023 Home Solar Panel System Installation Cost in India

2023 Home Solar Panel System Installation Cost in India

Today's technology pushes us towards a more sustainable future, and renewable energy sources are increasing prominence. Not only in foreign countries but also in India, has there been a spike in the use of home solar panel systems. You will receive a plethora of benefits from capturing solar energy on your rooftop, but this will only be possible if you grasp a few key aspects. Consideration of the appropriate size of your solar panels, for example, may save you around ten thousand rupees of your residential and commercial solar panel cost.

However, you should also include the solar panel mounting modules, investment firms, manpower cost, and other factors when calculating the upfront solar panel installation cost in India.

In this article, we will look at the installation price of solar system in India in 2023, as well as the numerous elements that impact these prices.

Important Elements in the Construction of Home Solar Panels

Before delving into the aspects that determine the cost of a solar plane for your home, you need first to grasp the major components of a standard residential solar panel system. Each of the components mentioned below is necessary for the solar panel to generate power. This includes the following:-

  • Power inverters.
  • Structure for mounting
  • Wiring Batteries
  • Installation work

The average price of solar panels for residential

If you think you may receive the correct solar panel pricing for installation in your home, you are mistaken, my darling! No two solars produce the same number of digitals. This means that the solar is of a customised kind, which is tailored to the individual demands and wants of the clients. It is determined by a number of elements, which are discussed more below in this article. The national average price of solar installation for a residence in India is between Rs. 1,89,000 and Rs. 2,15,000 for a 3Kw solar panel system. In India, the cost of a solar panel system per watt can range from Rs. 75 to Rs. 85.

Factors Influencing Home Solar Panel System Installation Costs:

System Capacity: The size of the solar panel system, measured in kW, has a considerable impact on installation costs. If you're looking for solar installers near me, look into the company's solar capacity. Larger systems need additional solar panels, mounting structures, and wiring, which results in greater initial costs.

Component Quality: The quality and brand of solar panels, inverters, and batteries have an influence on the system's performance and lifetime. Higher-quality components are sometimes more expensive, but they give greater efficiency and longevity.

Roof Structure and Design: The state and design of your roof are important factors in the installation process's difficulty. Roofs with complicated designs, such as many angles or obstacles, may need more labour and materials, raising the cost.

Placement and Sunlight Availability: The quantity of sunlight that your solar panels can get is determined by the geographical location of your property. Sunlight-rich areas will provide more electricity, potentially lowering the number of panels necessary. Remote or difficult-to-access areas, on the other hand, may involve additional transportation and installation costs.

Government Policies and Subsidies: The Indian government provides a variety of incentives, subsidies, and tax breaks to encourage the use of solar energy. These elements can have a substantial influence on overall installation costs. Stay up to date on the advanced policies and make use of the perks to save money.

Costs of 5kw solar installation in 2023:

The cost of building a house solar panel system in India varies greatly based on the criteria listed above. As of 2023, the cost per kilowatt (kW) of a solar panel system, including installation, is estimated to be between INR 60,000 and INR 90,000. A 5 kW system, for example, would cost between INR 3,00,000 and INR 4,50,000.

It is crucial to remember that these statistics are estimates and may change depending on a variety of factors. It is best to get many quotations from trustworthy solar installation providers and compare prices and services.

Considerations: the significance of installing solar panels

While the initial installation cost is high, the long-term benefits of a residential solar panel system must be considered. Over time, solar energy can considerably cut or eliminate your electricity expenses, resulting in considerable savings. Furthermore, by lowering greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on fossil fuels, solar electricity helps to create a cleaner world.

Evaska Energy - solar EPC companies in Noida

Evaska Energy is well-known in India for providing the greatest solar panels at cheap pricing. Evaska Energy, one of the finest solar epc companies in Noida, recognises the rising need for sustainable and cost-effective power sources as a leading provider of solar energy solutions. Their dedication to quality and pricing has earned them a reputable reputation in the business. Evaska Energy assures that its solar panels are not only effective in capturing sunlight but also sturdy and long-lasting by using innovative technology and skills.

Customers may choose the ideal solar panel solution to match their individual energy demands while remaining within their budget, thanks to their extensive selection. Evaska Energy's commitment to supplying the greatest solar panels at the most inexpensive costs has aided in the growing adoption of solar power throughout India, making renewable energy more accessible to consumers and companies alike.


In 2023, installing a residential solar panel system in India will be a promising and financially sustainable investment. Solar power has become an increasingly appealing choice for households, thanks to falling solar technology costs and the availability of government subsidies. You may make a smart choice to harness the advantages of solar energy while contributing to the environment by analysing the numerous aspects impacting installation prices, selecting Evsaka Energy for your solar solutions, and precisely predicting the expenses.


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