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Nowadays, using solar energy to power products in homes and offices is all the rage. There are several ways to embrace solar energy; using photovoltaic cells to turn sunlight into electricity is one of those ways. Nobody knows this better than Evaska Energy, a top solar energy company in Noida. This amazing technology has been shown to dramatically lower power usage in a variety of sectors.

Offering complete solar energy solutions in Noida is our mission at Evaska Energy. Our goal is to enable our clients to produce energy that is clean, economical, and requires the least amount of maintenance.


The energy sector currently uses solar panels exclusively because of their cost-effectiveness in producing electricity. It is for this reason that solar power firms are in more demand in the modern day. Solar panels are beautiful because they run entirely on sunlight shining on them, using no fuel or gas to generate power or energy. Product warranties of an amazing 25 years are available from a reliable solar company in Noida. Investing in solar energy will help you regardless of whether you use conventional energy sources or experience frequent power outages. Your house, business, or factory will benefit from having solar panels installed on the roof. There are countless advantages to solar energy, but these are the main ones we want to highlight:

Solar Energy company in Noida
  • Saving on electricity bills up to 90%
  • Increase your property value with solar
  • Quick return on investment
  • Payback period less than 5 years
  • Solar panel has life of 25 years
  • Zero carbon emissions and non-polluting equipment
  • Low maintenance cost after purchase
  • Net metering arrangement available in maximum states
  • Can be installed on your idle roof or land
  • Easy relocation from one site to the other with just basic change in equipments

What we do

  • Solar rooftop installations
  • Ground mounted solar installations
  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant
  • Solar plant on EMI option
  • Solar plant consulting
  • Site visit and analysis
  • Customized solutions for businesses and industries
  • Solar operation and maintenance
  • Turnkey solar project


Evaska Energy Pvt. Ltd. has made a name for itself as the best solar panel provider in Noida, thanks to its wealth of knowledge in offering clients excellent ground- and rooftop-mounted solar systems.

Our expertise is in the design and construction of off-grid and on-grid solar power facilities. We provide the most affordable pricing on state-of-the-art solar technology, enabling everyone to access sustainable energy. We have established ourselves as one of the most prestigious solar EPC companies in Noida, thanks to our track record of providing clients in Noida with effective rooftop solar plant solutions. The foundation of our company is our steadfast dedication to achieving client satisfaction.

A few things that set us apart from other solar firms are:

  • Premium quality solar systems
  • Engineered and designed by industry experts
  • Collateral free loan available for residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Timely delivery and installations
  • Flexible payment options with minimum down payment
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Complete turnkey project under one roof
  • Customized solar solutions available for residential, commercial and industrial clients
Solar Energy company in Noida


As it is one of the most advanced form of generating electricity with literally no operating cost. There are regular updates in solar technology where the user can install and run the solar plant in all circumstances. Currently, there are few important technology provisions available globally:

  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant with batteries
  • Solar plant with string inverter
  • Solar plant with micro inverter
  • Solar plant with power optimizers
  • Solar plant with zero export device
  • Synchronization of solar plant with diesel generator


Evaska Energy believes in delivering excellence to all the users who wishes to install solar power plants in Noida. We have experienced team who has installed multiple solar projects across India providing top notch brands and world class leading technology.

Installing solar panels is not only the main criteria, there are multiple other points which one needs to take care of:

  • Looking after the aesthetics of the roof
  • Taking care of the complete net metering process
  • Delivering the output as promised to the customer
  • Giving proper after sales support post installation
  • Educating the customer on effective cleaning and maintenance of the solar plant We have a diversified portfolio consisting of multiple installations on both rooftop and land. Few unique selling points of our organization are:
  • Word class technology products
  • Flexible payment options with EMI
  • Tie up with leading solar panels and inverter brands globally
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Customer satisfaction