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Refer A Friend And Earn

Refer and Win exciting
Prizes worth Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 50,000/-

Evaska's Partner Program is highly rewarding participation run by Evaska Energy for its participants. In this, we create the opportunity where all our participants are able to create revenue for themselves of Rs. 50,000 per month with no investment cost included upfront. The best part that we think in this is that there is no limit in the revenue the partner can create for themselves. They can even earn up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month or even more, totally depending upon their involvement in the program. Well, the way solar is purchased and used has changed a lot in these years. Being associated with the first choice for solar, we assure our partners to get the maximum benefits in terms of technical feasibility, pre-sales, sales & post-sales. For every customer that buys the solar system from Evaska Energy through your reference, you are paid a very good conversion fee. Rooftop Solar Companies. The more customers you refer, the higher you earn.

Who all can Join?

To become an Evaska Energy Partner and join the program one needs to be enthusiastic about the whole process of converting people to adopt green energy. There is no pre-requisite degree, work experience need or any skill. You just need to have good speaking & convincing skills, above all passionate to sell and encourage people for going solar.

Architects / Interior Designers
Property dealers / Real estate Consultants / Builders
Government officials / Civil Servants / Bureaucrats
Teachers / Working in Institutions like Schools, Colleges etc.
Housewives & Homemakers
Ex-Armed Forces Personnel
Any person enthusiastic about earning the extra penny

Don’t see yourself listed above? You need not worry, anyone thinking of earning that extra income can join the Evaska Partner Program free of cost.

Evaska Partner Program Benefits

Refer A Friend And Earn
Unlimited income opportunities
Refer A Friend And Earn
No upfront investment costs
Refer A Friend And Earn
Booming industry with huge growth potential in future
Refer A Friend And Earn
Support from Evaska, the first choice for solar
Refer A Friend And Earn
Any passionate individual can join
Refer A Friend And Earn
No pre-requisite needed to join

All benefits under one roof, still what is stopping you to join the first choice for solar.

Join now and transform your income stream completely