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Evaska Energy, a well-known and one of the best solar companies in Delhi NCR, is dedicated to providing customised solar solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experts excels in rooftop installations, catering to a wide range of sectors, and actively promoting environmental awareness through various campaigns. With our client-centric approach and extensive experience, Evaska Energy is a prominent leader in Delhi's solar energy industry.

As a trusted brand, we as a prominent solar panel company in Delhi, play a significant role in India's transition towards clean and sustainable energy, helping to reduce electricity bills and create a pollution-free environment.


Solar power plants are the most effective approach to cutting electricity expenses. They don't need any fuel or gas to create power or electricity, they only need sunlight that falls on the solar panel that generates the power. Evaska Energy providing the best solar power plant in Delhi comes with a 25-year guarantee. Whether you are experiencing power outages or rely on an older traditional energy source, solar energy is the ideal choice.

Solar Energy Company in New Delhi
  • It can save you up to 90% on your power expenditures.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Return on investment is quick.
  • Repayment time is shorter than 5 years.
  • A 25-year warranty is provided.
  • Lower your carbon footprint.
  • After-purchase maintenance costs are minimal.
  • Maximum phases of net metering are available.
  • Install easily on your rooftop or property.
  • Moving from one location to another is simple by making just minor changes to the equipment.

What we do

  • Building the greatest solar roofing.
  • Solar installations on the ground.
  • Solar power facility that is connected to the grid.
  • Off-grid solar power plant.
  • Solar solution with EMI capability.
  • Consultation on solar power plants.
  • In-depth examination with a site visit.
  • Tailored business and industry solutions.
  • Completed projects.
  • The most effective solar operation maintenance.


Evaska Energy, one of the premier solar EPC companies in Delhi NCR, has years of expertise in providing its customers with various bespoke rooftop and ground-mounted solar installation options. We are widely renowned for giving the most economical solutions by utilising recent trends and technologies. The organisation has a long record of satisfied customers in Delhi NCR thanks to its best-tailored minimal maintenance solutions.

  • Obtain versatile payment alternatives.
  • A minimum down payment is required.
  • Loans with no collateral for commercial, industrial, and residential consumers.
  • Solar power systems that are cutting-edge in technology
  • Obtain the shipping and installation times.
  • Customer service for the rest of your life.
  • Developed and designed by industry professionals.
  • Turnkey projects are completed.
  • Solar solutions designed by professionals for all types of rooftops.
Solar Energy Company in New Delhi


The organisation offers the most modern power production method with virtually no operational costs. We are constantly upgrading with new technologies so the user can install and manage the solar plant in any situation. The few key technological provisions that were accessible internationally are listed below.

  • On-grid solar power plant.
  • Off-grid solar power plant with batteries.
  • Solar power plant with a string inverter.
  • Solar power plant with micro inverter.
  • Solar power plant with power optimizers.
  • Solar power plant with zero export device.
  • Solar plant synchronisation with diesel generator.

Why is Evaska Energy a well-known name in the Delhi solar panel industry?

Evaska Energy is the leading solar installation company in Delhi, providing consumers with both off-grid and on-grid solar power options. Our organisation's portfolio includes various installations on both the ground and the roof. We are at the top because of our on-time project delivery under the supervision of professionals and engineers. Our solar solutions are adaptable and can be operated via mobile and laptop devices, owing to cutting-edge technology and personnel who follow market trends. What sets us apart from other solar power companies:

  • Delivering high-quality work under the supervision.
  • High-tech items.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Options for EMI.
  • Complimentary loans are available for residential, business, and industrial solutions.
  • Transparent purchasing procedure.
  • Quick government approvals and file processing for net metering.
  • Customer satisfaction is given top priority.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Collaboration with the world's biggest solar investor and brand.