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India is the third largest energy consuming country in the world, credit goes to the rising incomes and improved standard of living. Solar energy is the natural source of energy which is sourced from the sun and requires no fuel or gas for generating electricity.

Evaska Energy Pvt. Ltd is one of the few solar companies in Ghaziabad with trained and experienced engineers having experience of working on land and roof both. We have proven track record of supplying and installing solar power plants in every sector.


Solar panel is the most preferred equipment these days in the energy sector as it generates electricity free of cost. There is no requirement of fuel or gas for generating power or electricity, it is only through the rays of sunlight fallen on the solar panels that generates power. Solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years. If you are consuming electricity through the traditional source of energy or having power outages issue, then in both cases you will be benefitted. Anyone who is installing solar panels on their roof, may it be house, office or factory are getting benefited. The benefits of solar panels are literally infinite, but we are mentioning the important ones here:

Solar Energy Company in Ghaziabad
  • Saving on electricity bills up to 90%
  • Increase your property value with solar
  • Quick return on investment
  • Payback period less than 5 years
  • Solar panel has life of 25 years
  • Zero carbon emissions and non-polluting equipment
  • Low maintenance cost after purchase
  • Net metering arrangement available in maximum states
  • Can be installed on your idle roof or land
  • Easy relocation from one site to the other with just basic change in equipments

What we do

  • Solar rooftop installations
  • Ground mounted solar installations
  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant
  • Solar plant on EMI option
  • Solar plant consulting
  • Site visit and analysis
  • Customized solutions for businesses and industries
  • Solar operation and maintenance
  • Turnkey solar project


Evaska Energy Pvt. Ltd has attained a trusted name as the leading solar panel company in Ghaziabad having experience of delivering multiple rooftop as well as ground mounted solar installations to its customers.

Our expertise is in both on grid and off grid solar power plants. We are providing highly advanced solar equipments in the most affordable way. We have been successful in delivering rooftop solar plant solutions to clients in Ghaziabad with maximum customer satisfaction. Few points which brings us ahead from other solar companies are:

  • Premium quality solar systems
  • Engineered and designed by industry experts
  • Collateral free loan available for residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Timely delivery and installations
  • Flexible payment options with minimum down payment
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Complete turnkey project under one roof
  • Customized solar solutions available for residential, commercial and industrial clients
Solar Energy Company in Ghaziabad


As it is one of the most advanced form of generating electricity with literally no operating cost. There are regular updates in solar technology where the user can install and run the solar plant in all circumstances. Currently, there are few important technology provisions available globally:

  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant with batteries
  • Solar plant with string inverter
  • Solar plant with micro inverter
  • Solar plant with power optimizers
  • Solar plant with zero export device
  • Synchronization of solar plant with diesel generator


Our team has experience of delivering projects on time to the customers which has built this trust. Installing solar panels is not only the main criteria, there are multiple other points which one needs to take care of:

  • Looking after the aesthetics of the roof
  • Taking care of the complete net metering process
  • Delivering the output as promised to the customer
  • Giving proper after sales support post installation
  • Educating the customer on effective cleaning and maintenance of the solar plant

We have a diversified portfolio consisting of multiple installations on both rooftop and land. Few unique selling points of our organization are:

  • Word class technology products
  • Flexible payment options with EMI
  • Tie up with leading solar panels and inverter brands globally
  • Collateral free loans through NBFCs and Banks for all our users
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Instant net metering file processing
  • Customer satisfaction