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If you too are worried about the rising electricity bills then it's time you consider installing a solar panel at your home or office. The reduction in the price of solar systems and equipment has led to a gain in popularity of solar energy solutions and hence, a lot of users are trying to adopt solar energy to reduce their electricity bills. you can also utilize the energy harnessed from the Sun as a power backup. Evaska Energy Is the leading Solar Energy Company in Dwarka that provides a range of solar solutions dedicated to reducing your electricity bills and eventually your carbon footprint.

Evaska Energy is a leading name in the solar energy industry that provides complete engineering, designing, procurement, installation, and commissioning of solar power plants effectively. Evaska Energy can be considered the top solar company in Dwarka that provides customers with a complete range of turnkey projects under one roof.


There are a lot of benefits of installing solar panels or solar systems on the rooftop of your home or at your office as it generates electricity without costing you much. You must consider installing solar panels at your home or office as an investment that will provide you with better returns in the long term. Apart from saving a lot on your electricity bills on a daily basis, you will also be contributing to a green environment as solar energy is the cleanest source of energy. Don't wait to get the benefits by harnessing the energy from the Sun and get in touch with Evaska Energy today to get your hands on the best solar solutions. Though there are numerous benefits of installing solar panels at your home or office, here is a list of some of the most important benefits that you can read from installing a solar panel.

Solar Energy Company in Dwarka
  • Saving on electricity bills up to 90%
  • Increase your property value with solar
  • Quick return on investment
  • Payback period less than 5 years
  • Solar panel has life of 25 years
  • Zero carbon emissions and non-polluting equipment
  • Low maintenance cost after purchase
  • Net metering arrangement available in maximum states
  • Can be installed on your idle roof or land
  • Easy relocation from one site to the other with just basic change in equipments

What we do

  • Solar rooftop installations
  • Ground mounted solar installations
  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant
  • Solar plant on EMI option
  • Solar plant consulting
  • Site visit and analysis
  • Customized solutions for businesses and industries
  • Solar operation and maintenance
  • Turnkey solar project


Evaska Energy, a well-known solar power company in Dwarka, stands out for its considerable experience in offering rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems to its loyal clients. Our commitment to providing high-quality equipment at the lowest prices distinguishes us in the market. With an established track record, we have achieved amazing success in providing rooftop solar plant solutions to clients in Delhi NCR, assuring complete customer satisfaction. A few points which bring us ahead of other solar companies are:

  • Flexible payment options with minimum down payment
  • Collateral free loan available for both residential, commercial and industrial clients
  • Premium quality solar systems
  • Engineered and designed by industry experts
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Timely delivery and installations
  • Complete turnkey project under one roof
  • Customized solar solutions available for residential, commercial and industrial clients
Solar Energy Company in Dwarka


As it is one of the most advanced form of generating electricity with literally no operating cost. There are regular updates in solar technology where the user can install and run the solar plant in all circumstances. Currently, there are few important technology provisions available globally:

  • On grid solar plant
  • Off grid solar plant with batteries
  • Solar plant with string inverter
  • Solar plant with micro inverter
  • Solar plant with power optimizers
  • Solar plant with zero export device
  • Synchronization of solar plant with diesel generator


We are amongst the top solar installation company in delhi for providing both ON grid and OFF grid solar power plants to our users. Evaska’s portfolio consists of multiple installations on both rooftop and land. Our skilled professionals and engineers have the complete experience in delivering the project within the decided timeline. After installation and commissioning of the solar plant, customer has the option to monitor his plant through mobile or laptop. What makes us different from other solar companies:

  • Quality of work under proper supervision
  • Word class technology products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible payment options with EMI
  • Collateral free loans for residential, commercial as well as industrial users
  • Associated with leading financial institutions, NBFCs and banks
  • Transparent buying process
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Instant government approvals and net metering file processing
  • Giving priority to customer satisfaction first
  • Tie up with leading solar panels and inverter brands in the world