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How Solar Power Is The Answer To The Power Crisis In India?

How Solar Power Is The Answer To The Power Crisis In India?

Even though we are the world's most significant coal producer, the country continues to face a coal supply shortage. This scarcity is becoming an essential contributor to India's electricity issue. The difficulty with evacuating and storing coal in the thermal power plant caused a supply shortage. Because of the unusual weather changes worldwide, the price of coal imports has risen, resulting in severe scarcity.

As a result, power outages are still widespread throughout India, with over 500 communities unable to access electricity. According to official statistics, India was able to fulfill the aim of 100% electrification in 2018, but unfortunately, this assertion is only limited to newspapers and articles. In actuality, the city is in better shape than in recent years, but the overall total for the country remains depressing.  

Following the Covid-19 period, the Indian manufacturing sector resumed operations and made additional attempts to recoup from the pandemic's losses. Population growth is also a major factor in the country's electrical supply.

The rising demand for electricity and the increasing rate of the power crisis give the country a chance to reduce its reliance on traditional electricity producers (Fossil Fuels) and expand its usage of renewable energy offered by our mother nature. An excellent environmentally friendly solution to the power crisis dilemma.

The sun is the only 100% cost-effective and environmentally friendly answer to India's electricity dilemma

Solar energy is the solution to all electricity-related problems. You may utilise electricity without affecting the environment by installing a high-quality solar system on your rooftop. Solar power panels are the simplest and quickest answer to all energy concerns, particularly in rural areas, which house around 65% of the country's population. 

Evaska Energy solar solutions are ideal for any sort of rooftop or land, and for any use, whether industrial, residential, hospitality, or any other form of energy demands. Solar panels are the only outstanding low-cost, high-tech answer. Evaska Energy has successfully established itself as the best solar power company in Noida, offering mini-grid and off-grid solar power installation solutions with minimal maintenance and trouble-free installation.

The continued expansion of solar panels directly impacts India's electricity issue

Since 2013, the usage of solar power panels in India has grown slowly but has increased by 72 MW per year to 227 MW per year. This is owing to the government's many solar panel subsidy programmes, tax vacations, and excise duty exemptions, which have increased the installation of solar power panels. However, there is still need more work to be done to increase the usage of solar solutions in India.

According to a government report, states, including Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, are making significant headway in installing solar panels on their rooftops. 

Which one do you believe helps to alleviate India's electricity issue - Solar versus Diesel

According to a recent study, the power provided by Solar Power Panels is less expensive than diesel-generated electricity. Diesel generators are now largely used in India when grid access is low. According to research conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment, diesel generators cost between 15-20 units of energy, but solar panels cost just approximately INR 5-6 units. This research covers the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. 

Surely!! Everyone who reads this essay should consider getting solar if they haven't already. If you are also debating whether to go solar, please contact Evaska Energy, a leading solar power company in Greater Noida with a professional team of engineers who will collaborate with you, listen to all your concerns and worries, and then specially customise the best quality solar power solution for your rooftops.

Let us look at some of the advantages of solar energy

  • It reduces the demand for coal: solar energy generation is at its peak during the day. This is also a period when there is a significant demand for power. If individuals can get the same results as coal-based electricity with solar panels, their reliance on coal will be reduced. 
  • Increases grid security:- with local and big-scale solar power solutions installed across the states, the number of energy generation centres increases. Solar electricity is being deployed on utility grids, which improves system security. Strong networks, such as Evaska Energy's, reduce the likelihood of frequent blackouts.
  • Reduce your power bills: As the cost of electricity rises, so does productivity, particularly in industrial locations. Evaska Energy offers the best industrial solar panel price with low initial instalments.

Evaska Energy has effectively built its status as the leading solar power provider by implementing 100% highest quality solar solutions throughout India, which offers cost-effective, simple, dependable, and low-maintenance residential, commercial, and industrial solar systems. So, if you're seeking high-quality solar solution suppliers, Evaska Energy is the firm to call. Visit the official website of Evaska Energy or give us a call right now.


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