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How to Calculate the Roof Top Area Required to Install Solar Panels

How to Calculate the Roof Top Area Required to Install Solar Panels

With an abundance of sunny days, India has become a major participant in the worldwide solar energy market. India is in the top five countries in the world, right up there with well-established leaders like China, Germany, and the US, with a solar capacity of more than 10 GW.  Every Indian state is assiduously pursuing its solar goals as it embarks on its path to harvest solar electricity. And in the middle of this development, Evaska Energy has made a noble move. All of the pertinent information on solar policy has been collected and arranged into one convenient platform. Evaska Energy is dedicated to more than just disseminating knowledge, though. Their goal is to enable people and companies by providing an in-depth analysis of state-specific laws. Evaska Energy can help you understand net metering and other regulatory nuances. Our Rooftop Solar Gurgaon regulations section carefully classifies them according to the type of user, ensuring a customised approach to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

We have exceeded regulatory requirements by going above and beyond. At Evaska Energy, we recognise the value of arming you with the knowledge you need to make well-informed choices about adopting solar power. Along with information on loans, custom duty exemptions, accelerated depreciation, and incentives, we have put together a comprehensive list of funding choices that are accessible in each state. Our aim is to make the switch to solar energy as easy and smooth as possible for you. We really think that giving people the information they need to make decisions that will benefit the environment and contribute to a sustainable future is important. Come learn about India's solar potential with us at Evaska Energy and acquire a comprehensive grasp of finance and policy choices.

What Is The Cost Of A Rooftop Solar Panel For An Ideal House?

Are you considering adding a sun electricity venture on your rooftop but are not sure how much area you may need? Don't worry in any respect! You've arrived at the appropriate place. This post will offer you a clean, easy-to-comply tutorial on figuring out how much rooftop area is required to put in solar panels for a residential sun venture that is ready to go. You should examine your preceding 12 months's strength bills to ascertain the vital amount of solar panels. Look for a column showing the monthly Electricity Units (kWh) utilised. Once you've got the preceding one year' really worth of records, in reality, follow these three steps:

Determine the Average Monthly Electricity Consumption:

By including all the gadgets fed on every month and dividing the result by twelve. This will offer you your property's average month-to-month power use (in units in keeping with month).

Calculate the Solar Project's Total Size:

Divide the monthly total power generated by a 1 kW sun system by way of the average month-to-month energy use (measured in devices). This will provide you with the solar task's overall size (in kW).

Determine How Many Solar Panels Are Needed in Total:

Divide the total size of one sun panel by using the entire length of the sun mission (measured in kW), which becomes acquired inside the preceding level. You will then realize how many solar panels in general are wished.

It is noteworthy that a single solar panel normally has a total size of 330 Watts or 0.33 kW. Remember that one kW is equivalent to one thousand Watts. Let's use an example to demonstrate this calculation:

Assume the monthly use shown below is what your home's electricity bills for the past 12 months indicate:

[in Units] 210, 300, 400, 500, 500, 600, 400, 300, 200, 200, 210

You may now calculate the necessary rooftop area for your Solar Power Project by following the previously outlined methods.

Consequently, 4320 units is the total amount of power used in a year, which is the total of all monthly units utilised. A 1 kW solar system in India produces 120 units in a 30-day month. The size of each solar panel is 330 watts or 0.33 kW.  We will utilise a three-step process to calculate the total quantity of solar panels required to power Your home. The average month-to-month energy usage, or 360 gadgets (4320 divided by 12), is first decided. Next, we calculate the sun venture's usual length, which comes out to three kW, or 3000 watts (360 divided by way of 120). In the give-up, we calculate the total number of sun panels wished, which comes out to be approximately nine panels (3000 / 330).

In conclusion, Your house would require a 3 kW sun plant along with 9 sun panels, each with a capacity of 330 watts. Now, allow's find out the overall rooftop location needed to deploy those solar panels. Each sun panel with a capability of 330 watts has a general surface place of approximately 20.86 sq. Feet. To calculate the total rooftop location, virtually multiply the floor vicinity of one panel via the wide variety of panels required for your own home. In Your's case, the whole rooftop vicinity wished is 187.74 sq. Feet. (20.86 sq. Toes. Increased via nine panels).

Please be aware that this calculation assumes the panels are installed returned to returned and aspect by aspect. However, in practical installation, there should be space left between rows and columns of solar panels for easy cleaning and maintenance access. As a rule of thumb, you can install 1 kW of solar panels in 100 sq. ft. of shadow-free area on an RCC roof. Therefore, for a 3 kW solar plant, the required area would be 300 sq. ft. Now that you understand the calculation for the estimated area required, you can proceed with your new rooftop solar project accordingly.

Evaska Energy: A Perfect Budget-Friendly Option

Evaska Energy is your reliable resource for information on solar panel technology in India. Being a well-known producer of solar equipment, we place a high value on renewable energy and client satisfaction. We provide the expertise and solutions to assist you in becoming energy-independent and lowering your carbon impact, whether you're a business or a homeowner. Discover the splendour of Gurgaon's inexpensive commercial solar panels from Evaska Energy, providing affordable brackets of roof solar panels cost. By using solar energy, you may fight urban pollution and promote a cleaner environment by removing damaging carbon dioxide emissions. Adopt this eco-friendly strategy to cut carbon emissions and open the door to a more sustainable future.

Evaska Energy is at the forefront of rooftop solar solutions in Delhi. Since we are aware of each resident's particular needs and preferences, we provide Gurgaon with premium installations at affordable costs. As a reputable rooftop solar company in the Delhi NCR area, we are experts at creating unique solar solutions that precisely suit each client's requirements. Give Evaska Energy a call to help you find your way to a more environmentally and energy-conscious future.



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