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10 Ways To Safeguard Solar Panels – Solar Panels Safety Guide

10 Ways To Safeguard Solar Panels – Solar Panels Safety Guide

In this article, we will be discussing how you can safeguard your solar energy system from any disaster so that their life can be enhanced. As we all are aware of the fact that solar panels gather energy from the sun. Sometimes, there are storms or other things that lead to damage to solar panels. You must note that there are several ways in order to protect solar panels. One of the most common ways is to have a catalog of how to prepare for a disaster even before it hits and how to safeguard them after the disaster subsides. 

Solar PV panels are to be kept outside all the time, so they often run into animal waste or acorns on the ground. Even though these natural occurrences tend not to cause much harm to the solar panels, you can definitely take some steps if you want them safeguarded as well as protected from weather events such as thunderstorms and hurricanes. 

If you are in search of the best solar power company in Noida, then you must get in touch with Evaska Energy, as they are the leading provider of solar systems. So, without any further ado, let’s focus on the top 10 ways to safeguard solar panels. Your google search for the best solar installation company near me ends at Evaska Energy. 

Top 10 Ways to Protect Solar Panels

Cleanliness of Panels

One of the best methods to protect your solar panels from late-night storms is to ensure that they are clean. This will eventually help in improving the efficiency of the panel in collecting and storing energy. Rainwater solely won’t be able to clean off pigeon waste if they are allowed to accumulate for a long time in the sun. 

Covering Solar Panels 

Utilizing plywood in order to cover your solar panels is certainly one of the greatest ways to protect them. All you are required to do is nail the plywood to the roof. Plywood serves as the better serving for your solar panels. In case you don’t have access to any plywood, then you can also use cardboard boxes because they are just as effective. 

Setting Up an Alarm System

If you live in an area that is highly affected by the storm, then it would be a great idea to have an alarm set up. This way, you will be able to escape in case of any disaster. In addition to this, it would also be a brilliant idea for people in low-risk areas to do this as well. However, you must note that you can still lose efficiency due to trees coming down on the lines that run via your home. 

Solar Panel Protection With a Shade

Using shade is one of the best options you can go with in order to provide safety to your panels from the sun while also offering protection against wind and rain. The shade will safeguard your panels from direct sunlight, which will eventually result in a longer lifespan of the solar panels installed at your homes while offering protection against overheating. 

Protecting Solar Panels With a Wall

Another great method to protect your solar panels is by a wall as a wall that will act as a guard or shield against any form of damage. You must always get in touch with the experts to facilitate the protection of your solar system. Evaska Energy is emerging as the best solar power company in Faridabad.

Increasing Roof Area

You can increase the area of the roof that you use by facilitating the attachment of an extended roof onto the back of your home using scaffolding or ladders. In addition to this, you can cover it with either wood, concrete, or metal. This will provide you with extra space, and ultimately, you will be able to install more solar panels, leading to more energy. 

Marking Solar Panels 

There are a few methods you may use to brand your solar panels so they are protected from any tragedy. Your solar panels may be easily and affordably marked. You need first purchase some little stickers and apply them to the front of your solar panel.

Additionally, you may use some spray paint to designate the number of watts and the number of kWh it produces. This will lessen the likelihood of these solar panels being stolen. Solar panels are expensive, and if they were stolen, a lot of issues would arise.

Including Solar Panels in Insurance Policy

This is the best thing you can do with your solar panels. Insure them for added protection. Well, even though the insurance won’t cover the entire repair of the solar panel. Make sure that the insurance is in writing so that there is little to no confusion in the future. 

Panel Sealing 

Panel sealing is yet another way of protecting your solar panels, as this will be effective in the prevention of water or wind reaching the solar panels. One of the most important things to ponder upon is to use a sealant on the edges and holes of your solar panel prior to putting it up on your roof. 

Tightening Solar Panel Hole

You should use the Tight Solar Panel Hole Bolt to shield your solar panel from any cyclones.

To prevent water from entering your solar panels, use this Tight Solar Panel Hole Bolt to tighten the hole. The fact that this Tight Solar Panel Hole Bolt does not require any equipment or materials during installation is its best feature. Contact the best solar company in Gurugram for the best solar panels. 



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