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7 Myths About Solar Energy in India

7 Myths About Solar Energy in India

Do you want to explore the myths of solar energy in India? If yes, then this blog can let you explore the myths of solar energy. At present, the demand for a sustainable form of energy is very high. Solar energy technologies are highly useful in overcoming global emission problems. But still, there are some myths about solar energy in India that are spreading everywhere. Those myths are creating confusion about the usage of solar systems among people and industry. 

Even though people are aware of the impact of solar energy, these myths are still stopping them from buying solar panels. If you have any doubts, visit a Solar energy company in gurgaon and explore the usage of quality solar panels. Read this blog further to explore the 7 myths of solar energy in India.

Myths of solar energy in India

Myth 1 - Solar panels are expensive: 

The no.1 myth about solar energy is that they are very expensive and not everyone can buy them. This point is valid only before 10 to 15 years. As of now, this statement is totally wrong. Many companies have emerged today to offer solar panels at an affordable rate. Therefore, many people started buying them, and they also started saving more on their electricity bills. 

Myth 2 - Solar energy is not best during winter

A solar panel is manufactured by considering its functionality to work in any condition. Therefore, it can work much better in sunny, cloudy, and cold environments. The solar panels can work productively and effectively in any temperature and weather conditions due to their advanced technologies. They provide enough power even during cold weather, so you can try using them. 

Myth 3 - Solar system needs more maintenance

Solar panel installation is very simple when you buy them from the best company. In that way, solar panel maintenance is also very simple when the device is connected to the utility grid. Just clean them regularly and keep them away from dust and debris to avoid major issues

Myth 4 - Solar panel damage the roof

Solar panels can damage your roof, which is one of the common myths. But it can actually protect and preserve your roof effectively. You can easily remove the panel from the roof when it needs repair since they are not attached directly to the roof. They are mounted on the top and are free from obstacles. Use the sealant to cover the gap when there are any gaps between the panels and the roof. 

Myth 5 - Solar panels can reduce the value of home

Solar panels can reduce the value of the home, which is also one of the common myths. However, a solar panel can effectively increase the value of your home. Many studies prove that people are ready to pay more to buy a house that has solar panels installed. Hence, consider it and start installing solar panels.

Myth 6 - Store more energy in battery systems in summer

A solar panel without a battery never provides any energy storage potential. But the best part is that people can benefit from the net metering. Hence, there is no need to store more energy in the battery systems in the summer

Myth 7 - Solar panels prices are according to your home size

A home size doesn’t affect the price of the panel. Only the quality matters in the solar panels price. 

From the scenario mentioned above, you now understand the myths of solar energy in India. Now, you have found these myths are not true. So visit the best Solar energy company in gurgaon today and start buying the solar panel. Sure, it can save you electricity bills and act as the best alternative to traditional energy sources. 


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