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Cost of Commercial Solar Panels & Installation

Cost of Commercial Solar Panels & Installation

Commercial solar panels and their installation is gaining popularity these days. Well, if you are not aware of what commercial solar systems are, they are grid-connected solar systems that are linked to the utility grid. These solar systems are also known as on-grid solar systems, which consist of a solar inverter, solar panels, and other solar accessories. 

These days people are really concerned regarding the high electricity costs in commercial sectors. By facilitating the installation of a commercial rooftop on a grid power plant, businesses and companies can significantly reduce or eliminate their electricity bills by up to 100% for over 25 years. For the leading solar solutions, you must get in touch with the best solar power company in Faridabad, Evaska Energy. 

When researching the commercial solar panel cost, you should also understand how a solar panel facilitates the generation of electricity. PV cells in a solar panel are made of silicon, and when the panel receives sunlight, the particles of light get trapped in the thin silicon cells. This further causes the electrons to move and create a photovoltaic charge that is capable of generating DC electricity, which then gets converted into AC electricity, which we use. 

Cost of Commercial Solar Panels 

Well, you must note that the cost of commercial solar installation involves all the charges ranging from the procurement of materials, the materials that are used, such as mounting structures, panels, AC and DC cables, inverter, earthing wires, AC and DC combiner boxes, and lightning arrester. Along with this, you get a 5-year post-installation AMC contract. 

A solar energy system consists of a total of four major components that are responsible for the functioning of the solar energy system. They are:

  1. Solar Panel - Solar panel pricing may start from somewhere around INR 40,000, and the costs can be higher depending on the type and model of the solar panel you are purchasing. Even though the installation of solar panels commercially will be beneficial to you in the long run, you must note that this is a significant investment, and you are required to plan a budget accordingly. For the best solar panel commercial cost in Gurgaon, you must get in touch with Evaska Energy.
  2. Solar Inverter - A solar inverter is considered the central component of a solar energy system that facilitates the conversion of DC into AC. For the best solar inverter costs, getting in touch with the experts will prove to be a great thing for you. Evaska is among the top Solar EPC companies in Delhi, and you can contact them for the best and most affordable solar solutions.
  3. Solar Battery - As the name suggests, a solar battery is responsible as a power storing component, and it stores electricity and runs loads as the grid powers off. It is included in the solar panel system for home that you will be purchasing from a leading solar solutions provider.
  4. Panel Stand - A solar panel stand is simply a balancing system whose job is to fix the solar panels on the rooftop and protect the solar panels from high-blowing wind, animals, and other issues that might occur. What adds more to the value of a panel stand is the fact that it is important for providing a proper angle to the solar panels. 

Why Going Solar With Evaska is the Best Thing You Can Do

The solar costs are calculated in terms of the price per watt of power capacity they are able to produce, as this equalizes system costs that are quite similar to the price-per-square-foot metric in the real estate sector. 

You must note that each commercial installation and system is different from the others. Hence, the best way to find out how much solar would cost at your location is to request a free site analysis from the experts at Evaska Energy, a leading solar power company in Dwarka

The experts at Evaska Energy will assess the feasibility and the overall return on investment in commercial solar panels for your business. What are you waiting for? Go solar with the most innovative and affordable solar solutions brought to you by Evaska. 



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