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Best Solar Panels for Home Use in India

Best Solar Panels for Home Use in India

Solar panels are now the most popular form of generating electricity as it is free of cost. Solar panel adoption in India is growing on a very rapid scale and everyone is wishing to join this clean movement. Using the idle roof to generate your own electricity will make you energy independent and help you use your empty roof to save money. One can also opt for off grid solar system which is offered with batteries that can help you store your excess energy. It can be used later on while there are power outages in your locality.

After you have decided to buy solar panels, the first and probably only major issue that arises is, which solar panel company to buy the panels from. The issue is inevitable as there are multiple companies dealing with solar panels in a similar price range.

Solar panel come in different technology and make in the Indian market. When we look at the current scenario, there are different types of solar panels being used. They are differentiated on the basis of cell type efficiency, performance and output power. Solar panels produce maximum electricity when they are installed facing the south direction. In India there are multiple options available ranging from 335 W to 600 W solar panels. Before understanding the best solar panels for home use, you need to know why a particular brand or technology is chosen.

Few reasons behind choosing the best solar panels are: 

  • Location of Installation: You need to understand the location where the solar panels are going to be installed and availability of sun in that area. Monocrystalline solar panels perform better in low light area and in cloudy weather.
  • Effect of Shadow on Site: If there is shadow falling on solar panels then using mono perc half cut solar panel will be the best option. It will help in utilizing minimum space and generate maximum power with lesser number of solar panels.
  • Available Area on Roof: 1 KW solar system requires 100 sq. ft area by using the basic solar panels technology i.e. poly crystalline solar panel. When we choose higher efficiency solar panels like mono crystalline or mono perc half cut, it will be accommodated in lesser space and generate more power.

The types of solar panels in the Indian market are Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, Mono Perc half cut and Bi facial solar panels. All of them have their own unique benefits and can be used according to the requirement at site. 

Different types of solar panels in the Indian market are:

  • Poly crystalline solar panel is the basic and traditional form of solar panel which launched in India in beginning phase of solar adoption. They consist of several crystals of silicon in a single PV cell. They are eco-friendlier and more economical than the monocrystalline solar panels. The average wattage of poly crystalline solar panel is 330 and 335 W. The maximum temperature it can withstand is 85-degree C and minimum is – 40-degree C. Indian companies offering poly crystalline solar panels are Vikram solar, Renewsys, Adani and many more.
  • Mono crystalline solar panel is made of premium mono crystalline cells. These panels have an approximate life of at least 30 years. Mono crystalline solar panels are offered in higher wattage than the basic poly crystalline solar panels. They also perform better in low light area and on cloudy days, which makes mono crystalline cells superior than the traditional poly crystalline cells.
  • Mono perc half cut solar panel is used in places where there is possibility of shadow falling on the solar panel. It is one of the most premium solar panels being used globally because of its multiple features and upmost performance. As these panels are equally placed in 120 and 144 cells and are usually made with PERC technology, that offers high efficiency. They are majorly offered in wattage of 440 and 450 W per panel. Most liked solar panel company with PERC technology and half cut are Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, SunPower and Waaree.
  • Bi facial solar panel has more advantages than the traditional solar panels. The power can be produced from both sides of bifacial solar panel. It will increase the total energy generation from your solar plant. Bi facial solar panels come in both framed and frameless options. Designing a solar plant with bi facial solar panel is critical as it requires proper understanding of the roof and expected energy it will generate from them. There are multiple solar panel companies manufacturing bi facial solar panels like Adani, Longi Solar and Waaree.

All these things are relatively connected to the type of solar cells being used in those panels which differentiate them from each other. Poly crystalline solar panels are the most economical one and half cut PERC technology solar panel is the most expensive one when looked upon on the monetary terms.

There is no such thing like best solar panels, it is just “the most suitable solar panels for home use”. It completely depends upon on your need and requirement.

Choosing solar panels for home use will be a tough decision if you look at different brands or companies that are selling them. You need to understand what exactly will be your requirement, site location and the condition of the roof. Also, other than solar panels we need to focus on the quality and efficiency of solar inverter with robust mounting structure. Once you are aware about all these points, you will be able to take the most beneficial decision of initiating the process. Solar panel setup for home will not be a difficult task, if done under proper guidance and support from professionals at each and every stage of progress.


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