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Different Types of Solar Structures for Your Roof

Different Types of Solar Structures for Your Roof

The solar structure is one of the most significant aspects of optimising your rooftop efficiency. As the name implies, the solar structure is the framework of the solar panel, which is entirely dependent on the type of structure you select. Choosing a solar structure is thus not a simple undertaking. It necessitates careful consideration of all variables, such as design, durability, and output. Your solar construction must be strong enough to withstand heavy winds and keep your system stable. Continue reading if you want to learn more interesting facts about solar structure; first, let us thoroughly comprehend the word solar structure from the best solar rooftop companies in Delhi

Table of Content

  1. What does the solar structure for rooftops mean?
  2. Rooftop solar structures come in four varieties. 
  3. There are two types. Mounted solar structure of Tracking System 
  4. What is the cost of a rooftop solar structure? 
  5. The longevity of a solar structure  

What exactly is a rooftop solar structure?

The solar rooftop structure refers to the framework and other structures meant to support and integrate solar panels onto the rooftops of buildings in Delhi. This entire structure is critical for improving the efficiency and performance of solar panels. The structure can also capture and transform sunlight into usable electricity. The panels from well-known solar rooftop companies in Delhi are typically made of durable materials such as steel and aluminium, and the solar structure was designed to reliably keep the panel in place while also considering factors such as wind load, snow load, and solar angle.

When you select a well-designed solar structure for your rooftop, you are not only ensuring safety and stability, but you are also assisting in establishing the correct tilt and orientation for maximum energy absorption. As solar energy grows in popularity as a sustainable energy source, developing effective rooftop solar structures becomes increasingly important in enabling the widespread adoption and integration of solar technology in residential, industrial, and commercial settings. 

Professional assistance is required while selecting a solar structure. Evaska Energy, a market-leading rooftop solar companies in Delhi NCR, has a team of professionals who can advise you on the best solar for your rooftop. The following sorts of constructions are listed below, from which you can select your chosen one. 

The Four Types of Rooftop Solar Panel Structures 

Roof Mounted Racks: These racks reduce the wire run distance between the solar array and the inverter or battery. Make sure you build this structure properly and tightly to prevent the possibility of roof leaks. Another problem with this type of structure is that if it is not installed at an exact angle, it wastes a lot of solar energy. 

Note: When mounting the roof-mounted racks structure, ensure the solar panels get enough sunlight and are not in the shade of trees.

Solar structure on the ground: The ground-mounted solar structure is the next form of solar structure; in this construction, the solar panel is located anywhere on the property. This form of solar structure is employed when your roof lacks solar light or is shaded by trees, or is in the course of the sun. This type of structure is generally adjustable; you can easily tilt the solar up or down for better sunlight absorption. The buildup of leaves, dirt, and snow at the bottom of the array makes this solar system vulnerable to vandalism.

Note: To keep your Ground Mounted Solar Panel safe, keep it in a secure location, preferably sturdy and surrounded by a clean area.

Top of Pole Mounted Solar Structure:- As the name implies, this form of solar panel is used to secure the solar panels to the poles. "Top-Of-Pole" or side of the pole allows the solar panel to be installed on the top of the pole, several feet above ground level. The top of the plate rack is restricted in that the solar panel is put on the top of poles attached to the ground and tightened with concrete. This building style has the advantage of being less prone to vandalism and the buildup of first, leaves, and other types of dust. On the other side, cleaning is difficult. 

Tracking System Mounted: This system can be used in a variety of solar tracking systems as well as the system of solar water pumping, allowing for the most efficient utilisation of solar radiation for energy generation. This form of solar from the best rooftop solar firms in Delhi NCR would be beneficial in hot weather. This structure is available in two variants:

  • One-axis solar structure: This sort of solar structure pulls sunlight from east to west.  
  • Two-axis solar structures: These solar structures Starck the sun's daily and seasonal path and are widely used with PV concentrator systems.

This structure is an automatic device that follows the path of the sun based on its movements, resulting in the best solar exposure.

What should the cost of a rooftop solar structure be?

The different types of Rooftop solar power price in India might vary depending on several factors. Solar power prices can be influenced by factors such as the size of the rooftop, the type of solar panels used, the intricacy of the installation, and the quality of the materials used in the building. Government incentives, subsidies, and lowering solar technology costs have made rooftop solar installations more accessible for households and businesses over the years. Individuals and organisations interested in rooftop solar must seek quotations from reliable solar installation providers, as prices vary depending on location and specific project needs.

How long does the solar structure live? 

The solar construction is built to last for a long time. When you install solar from Evaska Energy, one of the leading solar rooftop companies in Delhi, you can expect it to last between 25 and 30 years. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of your rooftop can help to extend the longevity of your solar structure.


I hope you understand the numerous types of solar structures and the aspects that influence their cost. Your search for the best solar installers near me ends at Evaska Energy. Where professionals direct you to the optimal approach based on your roof's structure; if you want more entrusting tips and tricks, go to the Evaska Energy website today.


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