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Ensure The Lifespan of Solar panels

Ensure The Lifespan of Solar panels

The demand for solar energy has significantly increased in the residential and industrial sectors. Installing solar panels for your use can bring in a lot of lifestyles and sustainable changes.

To generate maximum returns from your solar plant, you need to install high-efficiency solar panels with minimum 25 years performance warranty. Popularly known as clean and renewable energy, it has attracted many users to adopt solar energy. There is no shortcut or secret to increasing the life span of solar panels. Few points that we need to keep in mind:

  • Solar panel technology: Solar panel is one of the essential equipment in the solar power system. There are different types of solar panels available. The most advanced and highly popular solar panel technology is Mono Perc half-cut technology in the market. Its high efficiency and premium solar cells let you produce maximum energy in minimum space. The best solar panel companies are Canadian Solar, Vikram Solar, SunPower and Adani. Installing solar panels of leading brands will surely provide trust, reliability and warranty.
  • Quality of solar installation: The workmanship and quality of solar installations matter a lot in the long run. The life of 25 years can be maintained when industry experts and professionals install the solar panels, structure, solar inverter and cables. Faulty installations can reduce the life of solar plants by 20-25%. If installed by professionals, then a few things will be taken care of:
  1. Proper mounting of solar structure
  2. Civil blocks for each mounting structure installed on the RCC roof
  3. Solar panel installation with proper nuts and bolts
  4. Installed according to the wind load capacity  
  5. Cabling work in conduit pipe
  6. Inverter and junction boxes mounting on the wall
  • Type of material: The solar system’s life entirely depends on the quality of material installed at the site. Generally, the solar system comprises these major equipment:
  1. Solar Panels: Solar panels are the electricity-generating equipment in the solar system through sunlight. Solar panels generate DC electricity with free sources of energy. Solar panels have solar cells that do the complete process of generating electricity free of cost.
  2. Solar Inverter: It is the heart of the solar system that converts the DC electricity generated from solar panels to AC electricity. It comes in two technologies where the customer can synchronise the system with the grid or store excess energy in batteries.
  3. Solar mounting structure: It is that part of the system that comprises to be robust and long-lasting. The structures need to be of at least hot-dip galvanised iron material, which increases the solar structure's life and saves it from rust. The solar mounting structure has options for land-based and rooftop solar plants (RCC roof, tin sheet and asbestos sheets.
  4. Junction boxes: You install junction boxes to save the solar plant's DC and AC sides from any mishappening. The junction boxes comprise of different Fuses, MCBs (miniature circuit breakers), SPD (surge protection devices) and cables.
  5. Solar cables: We all need to know that the electricity generated from solar panels needs to be sent to the inverter, and further, it needs to be sent to the main LT panel. This is the flowchart of how the DC electricity generated from the solar panel is transferred to the load of the house or factory using AC electricity.
  6. Balance of system: Other than these, we need multiple other products for the successful installation and commissioning of the solar power plant. Some are mc4 connectors, conduit pipes, earthing systems and lightning arrestors.
  • Regular monitoring of solar plant: Checking on the generation of your solar PV plant is essential after installing the solar plant. Nowadays, you have multiple options available in the market where you can monitor your solar plant through phone or laptop. There is no need to be near the plant; it can be done from any corner.
  • Degradation of solar panel: Every solar panel comes with a 25 years performance warranty by the manufacturer. It will automatically start to reduce every year on year. The reduced power output is called the degradation rate. The average degradation of the solar panel is 0.8% per year.
  • Operations and Maintenance: Cleaning solar panels and checking the inverter and structure regularly is a must for keeping the solar plant healthy for 25 years. It is advised to clean the solar panels and keep them tidy every 15 days. Cleaning them twice a month increases the output generation of the solar plant. This will automatically save the solar plant from breakdowns and solar panels working for at least 25 years.

Checklists to follow for ensuring the lifespan of solar panels:

  1. Installing solar panels of good make and high-quality material
  2. Cleaning solar panels every 15 days to generate maximum efficiency
  3. Buying solar panel setup for home with 25 years warranty solar panels
  4. Installing the solar panels through trained and experienced professionals
  5. Installing solar plants with remote monitoring facility
  6. The solar structure on which the solar panels are installed should be robust and good quality.
  7. Regular maintenance of the solar power plant to avoid any breakdowns

Once you feel yes, this information was enough to understand “how to maintain the lifespan of solar panels.” It is essential to understand that solar panels have a long life and must be adequately maintained to reap the maximum benefits.

After you agree with all the points, you can search for a solar installation company near me and install a solar power plant for yourself.


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