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From Tiny Homes To Art Installations: Most Creative Uses Of Solar Power

From Tiny Homes To Art Installations: Most Creative Uses Of Solar Power

Well, you must have been witnessing that solar power technology has advanced since its inception and is on a path of advancement on a daily basis. People all over the world are starting to realize the importance of using energy that is renewable and generated from the Sun.

Solar panels are certainly getting a lot of traction, be it vertical solar on the sides of buildings or panels that are floating on top of the water; you can see creative levels in solar panels extensively these days. From tiny homes to art installations in the world, you can witness increasing creativity in solar panels and their installations.

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The new path to solar power is marking a non-conventional direction in the world as more and more people are seeking to reap the benefits of solar energy. Along with this, people have started realizing the freedom that comes with installing solar power panels in various home environments that act as a backup during the inconvenience caused by on-grid systems.

A lot of artists and even engineers have shown interest in creating aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient methods and ways to collect an abundance of solar energy generated from the Sun. This article will ponder upon some of the most popular creative applications of generating solar power that are trending these days.

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Most Creative Applications of Solar Energy

The Solar Flower

One of the pioneers in the space of solar energy, SmartFlower, designed a solar flower that can be considered a high-tech flower capable of producing tons of power. It won't be argumentative to say it is similar to solar tracks as it rests on a base that allows it to maximize solar energy production by turning its petals towards the Sun.

These petals are made up of solar panels and can open and close according to the amount of sunlight available to them. The solar flower has managed to attract students from around the world and is certainly gaining some momentum for renewables and climate action among youth.

Floating Solar Panels

This goes without saying that solar farms require a large and cleared field in order to fit and position several solar panels efficiently. However, floating solar farms eliminate the need for valuable land. As a result, since 2010, it has been a practice for businesses worldwide to use large water bodies to accommodate solar farms.

Well, you must understand that floating solar farms are able to provide several benefits, such as the shade of the solar panels lowering the temperature of the water and thus the rate of evaporation, ultimately contributing to supporting a healthy ecosystem in the midst of overall warming of the planet.

Coal mining sites filled with water have proven to be the best sites for clean and safe power generation.

Solar-powered Charging Stations

The solar-powered charging stations are placed in popular public facilities, allowing the public to relax with a cup of coffee and recharge their mobile phones without any cost. The charging stations are free for the public and are placed in order to promote interest in solar energy on a broader level.

Solar Thermal

Leading solar developers have created a giant solar oven by utilizing a field of reflective mirrors or, rather, concentrated solar or solar mirroring. These concentrated solar traps heat energy with the utilization of mirrors in order to reflect sunlight and send the Sun's rays to the receiver. 

This is beneficial in industries like cement and steel as they require a tremendous amount of heat to produce materials. These Industries have been using fossil fuels for hundreds of years now to carry out their processes. However, with the introduction of concentrated solar thermal systems, it is possible to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels by utilizing solar energy.

Vertical Solar

Researchers believe that the best way to catch sun rays is vertical. Therefore, a prototype was designed that utilizes the conventional photovoltaic panel technology. This technology carries the potential to generate 20 times more energy than traditional solar panels. This is major because vertical installed solar panels are capable of allowing solar power to be generated during sunrise and sunset along with the standard time in between.


There is certainly no denying the fact that solar energy is the future, and hence there will be more active creativity and participation witnessed in transforming towards solar adoption. If you are looking forward to setting up a solar power plant in Delhi, then you will require top-quality and highly efficient equipment. Get your hands on the best quality solar equipment and solutions at Evaska Energy.

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