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Future Shaper: 4 Major Renewable Energy Trends

Future Shaper: 4 Major Renewable Energy Trends

Renewable energy is becoming one of the most affordable options in the power sector and the most environmentally friendly one. There is clearly no denying the fact that switching to renewable power sources is a no-brainer. Even though the progress of this migration to renewable power sources is slow, we must emphasize that governments are taking steps toward this migration.

We live in an era where almost everyone has come to an acceptance that to reverse the damages that we have caused to the environment with the inadequate utilization of fossil fuel energy, it is required for each and every one of us to shift to renewable energy sources.

The world is quite on its way to achieving the vision of utilizing renewable energy to its fullest with surging awareness, brand new energy projects, and policies implemented by the government. It goes without saying that amidst this transformation, people are increasingly shifting to sustainable energy sources, and it is suggested by the enhanced use of panels, batteries, and solar inverters.

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In this article, we will be discussing the four major renewable energy trends there are going to shape the future.

4 Major Renewable Energy Trends With Potential for Shaping the Future

The Growth in Green Hydrogen

Suppose you are not aware of what green hydrogen exactly is. In that case, it is a fuel produced via the electrolysis of water with the utilization of renewable energy resources such as solar power or wind power. What adds more to the value of green hydrogen is the fact that it is versatile, which implies that it can be utilized both in liquid or gas form and is capable of providing clean electricity for several industries.

Adding further to its benefits, hydrogen is virtually inexhaustible, and about 90% of all atoms comprise hydrogen atoms which clearly implies that there is ample hydrogen present in the universe and it is pollutant free.

Green hydrogen can be noted as a key player in helping reduce the global emissions of carbon dioxide for quite a long now. 

Geothermal Energy will Gain Popularity

We are all aware of the fact that solar power is one of the most well-known renewable energy sources that we currently have, but what if the sun doesn't shine all the time? Well, in this scenario, we have geothermal power assist us, and it has emerged as one of the most reliable renewable energy sources that we have.

Just below 2 meters of the Earth's surface lies a very reliable thermal energy that is capable of maintaining a constant temperature of 52 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warm enough to produce geothermal heat. Geothermal energy is undeniably one of the most promising options for us when it comes to sustainable energy efficiency and it is cost-effective too.

Grid Integration

Earlier, the solar panels utilized at homes were independent of the central power grid and were limited to just that particular home only. However, now the tables have turned, renewable energy sources are likely to be actively included in the power supply grid, which will be opening new doors and possibilities such as hybrid power supplies and part sustainable energy.

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New Innovative Solutions Will Push Green Efforts Forward

You must have heard the term going green, which clearly means that people are powering their homes for offices with any renewable energy sources. Get in touch with Evaska Energy for the best rooftop solar installation cost Gurgaon. It goes without saying that constant innovation will prove to be a secret weapon for allowing notable strides forward in the right direction.


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