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How can solar energy be profitable?

How can solar energy be profitable?

Solar energy can be really profitable in many ways. Basically, you need to understand for what purpose are you referring solar energy. If you are setting up:

  1. On grid solar plant at your home or factory for decreasing electricity bills: They will help you generate your own electricity and feed in to the grid through net metering and just pay for the units you take from the grid extra. Hence, you are saving money and money saved is money earned.
  1. Off grid solar plant with battery back system for using while power outages or no availability of grid: This will help you save on your consumption of diesel from diesel generators which are run when there is no availability of grid. Hence, you are saving on money being spent on purchasing diesel.
  1. Developing utility scale solar plants for selling electricity is one of the high investment options where any company develops and installs solar plant and sell the electricity generated from it to the government at a pre-decided price also known as PPA (power purchase agreement).

The solar panel commercial cost in Gurgaon may depend upon these various factors and your requirement in solar energy.


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