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How Choose between DCR Vs Non-DCR Solar Panels

How Choose between DCR Vs Non-DCR Solar Panels

In the modern day, solar energy has been widely used for generating energy compared to others. The usage of solar energy has been increasing due to its minimal carbon footprint and massive benefits. These are also helpful for saving utility bills and increasing the supply of electricity for industries and businesses. The introduction of the DCR and Non-DCR solar PV panels massively made it a better way of eco-friendly electricity. New technologies have been continually improving with innovation. Dual Glass Crystalline Silicon (DCR) and Non-DCR solar panels are the most amazing panels suitable for generating energy even without any hassle.

What Are DCR Solar Panels?

DCR solar panels are amazing solar panels which meet the specific domestic content requirements. These are especially requirements for supporting the local manufacturing as well as boosting the domestic production of solar panels. Many countries have been utilizing these Dual Glass Crystalline Silicon (DCR) technologies with offering dcr subsicidy to the people. DCR Solar Panels have both solar cells as well as modules manufactured in the country based on the Domestic Content Requirement policy. These have been helpful in promoting the local manufacturing initiative in the country.

What Are Non-DCR Solar PV Modules?

The Non-DCR Solar PV Modules involve solar panels which are not manufactured within the country. Non-DCR Solar Panels will not be bound with the Domestic Content Requirement policy. These could be imported from other countries. These panels do not require to be made in the same country where it is used. The government is also giving non dcr non subsicidy for the people who are using panels for their business and residential purposes. Compared to the DCR panels, these Non-DCR Solar Panels will be completely free to travel across the world. These also could come from different countries from across the globe. 

Key Differences DCR And NON DCR Solar Panels

Domestic content requirements need to be met for availing the DCR solar panels, but the Non-DCR Solar Panels does not have any kind of requirements. Dual Glass Crystalline Silicon (DCR) has been mostly used on government incentives and projects. The Non-DCR Solar Panels have been used across private sectors. DCR solar panels extensively support the local manufacturing aspects along with boosting domestic production. Non-DCR solar panels could be easily sourced from international manufacturers.

How To Choose The Right Option For Your Project?

Normally, there are many methods available for considering the DCR and non-DCR solar Panels for your project. Below is the list of methods you can opt to know the difference between DCR and Non-DCR Solar Panels

  • Regulatory Compliance: DCR Solar panel modules comply based on the Domestic Content Requirement policy. These would be completely mandated based on the Government norms. The main reason is that these need to promote the use of locally manufactured solar panels, But the Non-DCR Solar Panels do not have these requirements. These Non-DCR solar panels can also be sourced globally
  • Cost Effectiveness: 

    Before opting for the DCR and Non-DCR Solar Panels, it is essential to look at the cost of both types of panels. DCR solar panels especially support the local business, but the non-DCR panels would be offering a range of choices. Sometimes, the Non DCR solar panels could be a budget-friendly option.

  • Project Eligibility: 

    The government specifies the projects eligible for DCR solar panel requirements, such as subsidies and incentives. Projects falling under the DCR policy need to use domestically manufactured solar modules for getting qualified in these subsidies. Non-DCR Solar Panels are used in projects which do not fall under DCR policy. These especially offer versatility along with enabling potentially excluding government incentives.

When the project falls under the DCR rules, then these would be friendly to the government’s policies. DCR panels can make the business or industry eligible for incentives or subsidies. Choosing between DCR and non-DCR panels are a few things to consider. Cost is an important factor to consider. DCR solar panels might be expensive because of local manufacturing requirements. Local regulations, along with specific project requirements, are combined with DCR panels.




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