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How Much Energy is Generated by Solar Panels Each Day?

How Much Energy is Generated by Solar Panels Each Day?

Thinking about going solar after getting tired of your rising electricity bills and regular power cuts? Well, it is natural for you to have questions and even doubts in your mind regarding the same.

Some of the questions might go like this, is it worth having solar panels installed at your home? Are solar panels completely reliable? Are they really a good and secure investment opportunity? Will I be able to generate enough energy to power my house? How much energy is generated by solar panels each day?

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Each and every one of the solar panels sold by different companies would generate different amounts of energy because every solar panel system is different. In addition to this, it should be noted that there are various factors on which the amount of solar energy produced by a panel depends.

It can be expected from a typical solar panel that it will be capable of generating around 2 kWh per day. This will help in saving an average of around $0.36 on the total costs of electricity per day.

How to Calculate the Total Energy Output by Solar Panels

Solar Panel Output Per Day Calculation

You can figure out how much electricity your installed solar panels are able to generate on a daily basis by using this simple formula.

Size of one solar panel (in sq. meters) x 1,000

That figure x Efficiency of one solar panel (% as a decimal)

That figure x the total Number of sun hours in your area each day

Divide by 1,000

In addition to this, it should be noted that the number of hours the sun was available in a day varies vastly throughout the year. Also, it goes without saying that the number of hours will be lower during the months of winter in particular.

Average Domestic Solar Panel Idea

You must be equipped with the knowledge of the fact that an average domestic solar panel is capable of producing around 265 watts of electricity, and if you are lucky enough to live in an area/region that receives ample sunlight, then it may go up to 350 watts.

The material from which your solar panels are made, and the quality of the material will lay a great impact on the efficiency of the overall energy output. One of the most efficient materials is high-grade silicon, which is utilized in the formation of monocrystalline panels. On the other hand, the solar panels that are made up of polycrystalline are less efficient.

If your home has got installed a 280-watt solar panel, and you reside in an area/region that receives around 4 hours of sunlight a day, then you’d multiply 280 by 4. That’s 1,120 watt hours (Wh), or 1.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity in one day.

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Solar Panel Output Per Square Metre

One of the most commonly used domestic solar panel systems is 4 kW, and it consists of a total of 16 panels each of them:

  1. Around 1.6 sq. meters in dimensions
  2. Rated officially to facilitate the production of approximately 265 watts of power

However, this would be the case, provided that the situations are ideal. Hence, in order to calculate the output per sq. meter, you can use this formula:

Number of panels x Capacity of a solar panel system

Capacity ÷ Total size of the system (number of panels x size of one panel)

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