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National Portal For Rooftop Solar - Subsidy for Solar

National Portal For Rooftop Solar - Subsidy for Solar

The Indian government set an ambitious objective of permitting the 4GW subsidy plan in a residential installation by December 2024.

The government grants subsidies to promote the benefits and increase the home's usage of solar power plants. To entice visitors to visit solar power installations. Aids in reducing pollution result in a clean and green environment.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of indian Government manages the solar subsidy scheme. The government establishes state DISCOMs to carry out these initiatives. This rooftop solar phase II subsidy scheme is being implemented in various states. However, the government has some obstacles, such as a massive number of people who are unable to take advantage of this government-based subsidy scheme and install the best solar power plant from the top rooftop solar companies in Delhi NCR.

According to the statistics, Gujrat is the only state in India that has effectively implemented this system. About 3 lakh residences have installed solar rooftops in the last few years as part of this subsidy scheme. In comparison, other states can only install up to one lakh solar rooftops in residential buildings.  

 For taking the first step in educating homeowners about the benefits of this scheme. Under the guidance of the Hon'ble Energy Minister, Mr RK Singh, the residential solar subsidy scheme programme has been re-revised, with various representatives going out to teach homeowners about the benefits of the solar subsidy scheme. 

Recently, India announced the introduction of a new subsidy scheme known as the simplified programme for rooftop solar phase II. Under this plan, each homeowner can select the finest solar power business for qualifying their solar rooftops to net-metering and subsidy. When solar is installed, the subsidy will be immediately credited to the customer bank within 30 days, according to the policy. This will assist you in lowering the very expensive rooftop solar installation cost Gurgaon. 

Why is this programme a game changer for residential solar rooftops?

When you examine this system closely, you will discover that, despite all attempts, there are significant obstacles. While this subsidy system is still in effect, the streamlined national programme places a considerable amount of control in the hands of the consumer.

Homeowners in areas where the active subsidy plan is still in effect can apply for the subsidy. As a result, homeowners in these states and union territories have no active subsidy programme to reap the benefits of this government policy.

Consumers no longer have to depend on their state DISCOM to receive the benefits of the subsidy plan. Instead, they must apply for the subsidy through the National Solar Portal as part of the new national subsidy plan. 

The homeowner receives the subsidy in their bank within 30 days of installing and commissioning their rooftop solar system under this plan. The consumer benefits directly from this! Choose a business that offers low-maintenance solar power solutions with high-quality batteries, such as Evaska Energy, which installs the best rooftop solar in Delhi. Where a trained team guides you to the finest solar solution for your location.

The application process for the subsidy via the portal 

  • You can begin by submitting an application to the national solar portal.
  • Alternatively, solar firms can handle all of your application work on the national portal on your behalf. And bearing all responsibility from the gateway to end with subsidies.  
  • The consumers has the option of selecting any solar power supplier for their solar installation that is subject to the DISCOM DBT programme. 
  • On the subsidised site, you may also track the progress of your process.
  • The bank account details should be carefully entered on the site so that the subsidy is credited to your bank account within 30 days. 
  • The solar firm also offers the user five years of after-sales and maintenance services for the solar system under this arrangement. 

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