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Solar for Your Business

Solar for Your Business

The first thought that comes to your mind when discussing on whether to buy solar for your business or not is, “Won’t solar panels be expensive as they are a booming technology?”. Reading this article will help you get an insight on how solar energy helps you with your business and how all those negative thoughts you’ve been having all this while regarding solar panels are just stopping you from adopting a greener form of energy.

Buying solar system will become a hassle free process once you get all these points cleared:

  • We don’t require solar: Anyone who is using electricity to run any kind of appliances or machinery at their workplace or factory can go solar. Also, if someone is facing power cut or outages in their locality on a regular basis needs to adopt solar plant for energy backup. Basically, If you want to reduce your electricity bills drastically or save energy in batteries for using it at power cuts, you need to go solar. In both cases, you need the most advanced and renewable form of energy i.e. solar energy.
  • They are quite expensive: According to surveys and researches, there has been a huge drop in the prices of solar systems in India. Since 2009, solar panel prices have dropped and become more affordable due to technology advancement, increased requirement in market, better performing availability of solar cells, increase in competition and government support to the businesses manufacturing solar panels. Now, anyone who wishes to install solar are getting it for a very affordable price with paybacks less than 5 years. Costing is a secondary part and can always be worked out but understanding the technology and equipment is the most important decision.
  • No budget allotted for solar: Well, businesses think a lot about their capital investments and where it needs to be invested for maximum returns. Being the most convenient form of energy, there are multiple financial institutions and NBFCs providing flexible financial support for the installation of solar power plants. With a minimum capital of just 25% to 30% of the project cost and rest in easy EMI’s which is equivalent to or less than your savings. So, automatically your solar plant is paying for your EMI’s and you will be getting a payback period of less than 5 years.
  • It requires a lot of space: 100 kva solar power plant will require an approximate area of 8000 to 10,000 sq.ft. But with advancement in technology and efficiency of solar panels, we are able to witness high wattage solar panels which can be accommodated in a much smaller space and also generate higher power. So, the space constraint can be worked out with efficient engineering and great design patterns.
  • It needs a lot of Maintenance: There are a lot of equipment’s in the solar system but the main equipment is solar panels. They require being cleaned with water every 15 to 20 days in a month. This will automatically increase the generation of electricity from the solar pv system. Also, solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years which makes your investment steady and risk free. Also, there are many annual maintenance options being provided for people who wish to install solar plant for their business.
  • It cannot be Installed on our Roof: Solar plant can be installed on the roof as well as the ground as it is so advanced now. It can installed on all types of RCC and non RCC roof, Tin sheet roof and as well as on Ground. Every kind of roof will be compatible with different types of structure options. Solar structures in the market are now coming in galvanized iron, hot dip galvanized iron and aluminums material. The most reliable solar structure is the hot dip galvanized iron amongst others.

Once you think solar is beneficial for your business, you are already on the brink of contributing to the environment and nature with bringing on lots of profits and reducing expenses. Avoiding such a tempting investment option will be the most non rewarding part of your business. Choosing the best solar company will help you install the most advanced technology solar panels for your business and increase profits in the most affordable manner.


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