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Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance at Home

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance at Home

Given the current scenario, both industrial and commercial establishments are turning to solar arrays and systems in order to surpass power outage problems. This is major because the electrical supply in a company is linked with the grid. Therefore, be it any kind of industry, including textile, chemical, dairy, cement, or even the ceramic industry, solar power panels are getting more and more adopted.

There is certainly no denying the fact that solar panels can prove to be a great investment that offers you a cheap, clean, and renewable source of energy for the next 25 years and even more. Planning to go solar? Get in touch with Evaska Energy, as they are known among the top solar rooftop companies in Gurgaon that offer a range of solar solutions as per your needs and requirements.

What has added significantly to the adoption of solar panels is the boost of the open access grids in most of the states by the government of India. As a result, even the homeowners are turning to solar systems in order to reduce their electricity bills and counter the power outage problems in their area due to grid failure.

What Constitutes a Solar System

A solar system comprises three major parts that are solar panels, a mounting system on which a solar panel is installed, and a solar inverter along with a computerized controller. The whole process commences with the solar panels producing the DC electricity from sunlight, the inverter converting the received sunlight into AC, and finally, the AC will power your home.

Well, it should be noted that most of the solar panel operations and maintenance processes demand periodic checks to make sure that they are functioning optimally. Though the solar panels demand very little to no maintenance, provided that the rain washes away any debris collected, it is recommended to perform solar panel cleaning 2-4 times a month.

Another thing to keep note is the fact that the frequency and degree of the maintenance of the solar system are reliant on the type of installation, the configuration of the system, and the location of the solar power system that is currently installed and functional.

How to Ensure the Optimal Functioning of Your Solar Panel

Generally, the utilization of a monitoring app provided by the solar system installer can help you notably keep track of the amount of energy that your solar panels are able to produce. In case you notice a significant dip in the production levels, you can try cleaning your solar panels a bit and check for wirings if you are using more than one panel.

One of the best solar EPC companies in Gurgaon, Evaska Energy, offers a warranty of 25 years for the solar systems they provide, so you need not worry if anything goes wrong with your solar system. The only time you will need to worry a bit about the maintenance part of the solar system installed on your rooftop is when your area receives heavy snowfall, as it can severely hinder the performance of the solar panels.

Why Experts are Recommended for Repairing and Maintenance of Solar Panels

In India, yearly inspections are recommended by solar power companies to make sure that your solar system is working just fine and at its maximum efficiency. However, for that to happen, you need to make sure that the maintenance of your solar panels and overall system is carried out by qualified professionals and service technicians.

This is because these trained professionals are well-aware of the PV components involved in a solar system and also take care of their safety procedures which might not be the case for you.

Evaska Energy offers solar panel installation for home, and if you got your solar systems installed from Evaska Energy, you can call us any day. Our skilled professionals will take care of the complete range of PV maintenance processes, including:

  1. Ensuring to carry out a visual inspection of the system
  2. Executing the verification of the Photovoltaic system operations
  3. Taking preventive measures and corrective actions
  4. Monitoring and verification of the effectiveness of the corrective actions that are taken.

The process that is involved in the maintenance of a solar system involve:

  1. Regular and timely cleaning of solar cells and PV panels
  2. Servicing HT side equipment on a yearly basis
  3. Regular maintenance of all the thermal-based components
  4. Measuring earth value
  5. Diagnosis and tests pertaining to lower solar power production
  6. Testing and upkeep of the circuits
  7. System check
  8. Warranty management
  9. Retro-commissioning
  10. Tracing IV curves and thermal imaging

If you feel your solar panels need to be repaired or replaced, you must get in touch with a professional. Contact Evaska Energy if your solar panels are losing their efficiency and are underperforming. Our experts will assess the situation and fix the problem associated with the panels installed at your homes.

It is best that you don’t try to make an attempt to install the solar panels or repair them yourself, as this might result in further damaging your solar system.



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