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What Roles Will Solar Energy Play in the Future?

What Roles Will Solar Energy Play in the Future?

Our sun emits enough energy with each passing second that it carries the potential to quench the energy thirst of the world for over two hours. Provided the fact that we have access to this ample amount of energy readily, solar power is emerging as the best alternative source of energy. 

With the improvements in technological advancements in the future, it won’t be wrong to say that going solar will become even more affordable. As a result, solar energy has the potential to become the most important and abundant source of energy for the production of electricity in a major segment of the world. This will help in laying a positive impact on the environment and tackling climate change. 

Witnessing historically, the harvesting of solar energy has been really expensive and relatively inefficient. However, new technological advances over the last twenty years have increased drastically. 

When we talk about the future of solar energy, we are basically considering Photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP). This is because technologies in these two classes will be dominating solar-power generation. 

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Discussing the Future of Solar Energy

With the passage of time, the costs associated with the structures carrying the potential of converting light energy into electricity and solar cells have been gradually decreasing. However, because of the fact that solar cells are utilized in order to convert light into electricity, they are required to be composed of some material that’s effectively capable of capturing energy from light. 

A new design is required to be able to capture even more light in order to outpace current solar cells. Both energy producers and consumers are more likely to accept solar power if the energy it produces is less expensive. This implies that any enhancements to the current solar cell designs must bring down the overall costs to become extensively used. 

Another route to enhancing the performance of solar cells can be targeting their efficiency so that they are better at the conversion of energy from sunlight to electricity. Unfortunately, these cells are still majorly too costly and difficult to make for commercial use, but with research, implementing these super-efficient cells will be made feasible.

We all are aware of the fact that silicon has a vital role to play in the cost of solar cell installation, and we can lower its cost by using thinner cells and decreasing the overall material costs. The thin-film solar cells utilize a layer of material in order to harvest light energy that is only about 1% of what is used to make a traditional solar cell.

As we can see, in the near future, silicon solar cells are highly likely to continue to reduce in cost and will be installed in large numbers. Well, as revealed, these costs are expected to be decreasing, and more and more solar panels will be installed. 

There are production innovations that are coming down the pipeline and will hold the potential to reduce the total amounts of costly materials such as silicon and silver utilized in the manufacturing of solar cells. However, one of the most important innovations has come in the form of integrating solar into homes, power systems, and businesses. 

Well, it goes without saying that solar will reach a major part of the world, and a Levelized cost of energy will make it unbeatable as compared to fossil fuels. Provided the fact that solar energy is so hassle-free and quick to install, it can be utilized to power a range of things. Therefore, we can say that solar installations will continue to grow over the coming decade. 

Summing Up

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