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Why is it Necessary to Go Solar in Haryana

Why is it Necessary to Go Solar in Haryana

One thing that crosses our mind as soon as we hear the name of Haryana is green fields, plenty of sunlight, and biomass. Haryana receives ample sunlight, and, as we are aware already that a solar power plant is capable of producing electricity from sunlight. Therefore, Haryana has the absolute capability of producing a significant amount of solar energy. However, it goes without saying that obtaining this potential and making it fully functional, the right incentives, and policy support from the authorities is extremely crucial.

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In this article, we will be talking about the exact reasons why it is necessary to go solar in Haryana.

Reasons Why it is Essential to Go Solar in Haryana


HAREDA stands for Haryana’s New and Renewable Energy Department, and it has released the blueprint of Haryana Solar Power Policy 2021. This policy was introduced in order to encourage more people to utilize this solar energy. The initiative has placed a significant emphasis on rooftop solar projects and distributed solar on a small scale. Noting some of the key highlights of the policy, we must know that:

  1. Solar power manufacturing units will have a total of 10% exemption on the total applicable tax.
  2.  All the captive solar projects approved will be exempted from wheeling and transmission costs.
  3. Virtual Net Metering would be promoted in urban areas.
  4. DISCOMs are going to pay for extra-high voltage and high-voltage transmission lines up to a distance of 10 km.
  5. The per unit charges for charging electric vehicles won’t exceed INR 5/kWh.
  6. Concepts of solar villages and towns are to be elevated and promoted by the state.

Policy Push to Solar Energy

Well, even though solar energy accounts for a significantly small portion of the total power generation of the state capacity, Haryana is ranked among the top ten states of India when it comes to solar capacity. This is because, over the years, the installed solar power capacity has been gradually surging. In addition to this, it should be noted that rooftop solar projects account for a consequential portion of the overall solar capacity of the state at 68%. The total solar power capacity of the state was calculated and revealed on February 2021, and it was revealed that the capacity was 409 MW.

Going Solar in Haryana

The above-mentioned policies would be encouraged, and the customers eligible would and certainly get facilitated. With the help of virtual Net Metering, consumers will have the ability to own a segment of a communally owned solar power generation system. It should be noted that solar panels are installed best on rooftops that are slanting. If you are planning to go solar and reduce your overall carbon footprint, then you must contact one of the top solar companies in Delhi NCR, Evaska Energy.

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