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Is Installing Rooftops with Solar profitable in India

Is Installing Rooftops with Solar profitable in India

You might already be aware of the fact that grid-connected solar power is growing fast in India, and it has grown from just a few megawatts in 2009 to over 1000 GW today. In addition, we all are aware of the fact that solar does not use any fuel and has, therefore, emerged as one of the best and greenest ways of producing electricity. Even though a lot of the largest solar-powered countries are focused majorly on rooftop installations, almost all of the solar power in India is generated via large plants installed on the ground. 

The situation is changing eventually as there is a notable increase in the price of land, and there are policies that are working towards enabling rooftop solar in India in order to connect and make adequate utilization of the grid. However, in a report shared by a non-profit research organization based in Pune, it was revealed that the main challenge that the report acknowledges is that the citation with solar power is transforming significantly faster than most policies are able to keep up with. 

For the last three years, as we can witness, the price of solar panels has been decreasing gradually. But on the other hand, the process of facilitating the creation and changing policy, which is incredibly essential and a time-consuming task, has little chance of keeping up. 

This goes without saying that rooftop solar is an investment worth a while, given the fact that you are making this investment for the long term, as we are aware that there are millions of residential as well as commercial buildings in India that have got rooftops and receive ample sunlight which can be used in order to generate electricity by facilitating the installation of solar panels. 

Solar energy undeniably has the potential to play a vital role in meeting the rising demands for rising electricity bills while ensuring the maintenance of environmental safety. All of this makes solar energy highly profitable and sustainable. 

Focusing on the Advantages of Rooftop Solar Panels in India

Reduces Electricity Bill 

One of the best parts of installing rooftop solar panels is the fact that it helps in saving a lot of costs in terms of electricity bills, along with the costs saved by not utilizing fossil fuels. The installation of rooftop solar panels is incredibly helpful in providing electricity directly to residential sector buildings via the grid. This particular model is not only more consumer-friendly in terms of tariff rates but is also more persistent over time. 

Cost Effectiveness and Easy Installation

Well, you might be wondering what all it takes the installation of a solar panel on your rooftop. You should not take stress over that, as the installation of solar panels is really easy. You can get in touch with the best solar solutions providing company in India, Evaska Energy, if you intend to set up a solar power plant in Delhi. As for rooftop solar installation, you won’t be required to evacuate your home or make investments in buying additional land to carry out the installation of rooftop solar panels. 

Goes Smoothly With the Indian Climate

As we all are aware of the fact that rooftop solar panels utilize sunlight in order to generate electricity. Due to the fact that India is in an ideal geographical location and obtains plenty of tropical sunlight. There are over 300 sunny days in India with clear skies. Hence, rooftop solar panels are an exceptional choice. Get in touch with Evaska Energy for the best solar panel cost in Delhi

Summing Up

Rooftop solar systems are becoming a more and more popular source of power and generating electricity. Individuals, as well as businesses, are realizing the importance and benefits of going solar and saving money and the environment by utilizing solar rooftop solutions provided by Evaska Energy. Get in touch with Evaska Energy today and book the most efficient solar panel setup for your home Delhi. 

With adequate planning and system implementation, the experts at Evaska Energy can install the best renewable source of power supply at a minimal cost. So what are you waiting for? Go solar and reduce your electricity bills along with your carbon footprint. 


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