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Why is the Demand for Grid Connected Solar Growing in India

Why is the Demand for Grid Connected Solar Growing in India

As we are already aware of the fact that the year 2020 has been spent infighting COVID and nationwide lockdowns majorly, and that gave rise to the surge in demand for e-vehicles on the road. However, the usage of electrical gadgets at the house and the electricity bills shocked everyone.

This goes without saying that technology in the field of energy conservation is surging and developing for the overall betterment of the environment. The world is deliberately shifting towards Solar Power, and you can witness that the plants are getting installed in agricultural, residential, and industrial estates.

The alteration in solar energy utilization is helping in the reduction of pollution and harmful gases from the environment. As a result of this, solar energy has emerged as one of the most cost-effective solutions over time. What adds more to the favor of solar energy is the fact that the installation process of solar panels is less complex.

Moreover, it should be noted that the central government is extending support too and is facilitating the promotion of solar plants as an initiative for environmental benefits. What’s more? Right from the moment the concept of a solar power system based on a grid was introduced, the concept has become beneficial for its users as well.

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What is a Grid-Connected Solar System

Well, if you don’t know what a grid-connected solar system is, then you are at the right place. You can understand a grid-connected power system as an arrangement that assists in the circulation of electrical energy from the power plant to the grid-connected solar plant of the customer. The generation, storage, and transfer of energy to a grid-power plant are what can be considered one of the most important advantages of a grid connection.

Hybrid solar plants are able to fulfill the need even between the diversity of commercial rooftop systems, smaller residential units to large utility-scale solar power plants. Moreover, the servicing cost is low because the methods that involve the connection with the grid do not generally involve any integrated battery solutions.

It should be laid emphasis that when a grid-connected power system is in favorable conditions, it is able to supply a superpower to the electrical utilities for the establishment of a consumer.

Advantages of a Grid-Connected Solar

Save Money With Net-Metering

You can understand Net-Metering as a mechanism that is capable of helping a consumer who is equipped with his own arrangement to produce electricity with the adequate utilization of energy sources. This allows the transfer of their stock of the remaining energy back to the grid, and the grid provides the user with credit in return.

Reduce Overall Electricity Charges

Solar plants are designed in such a way that they are able to reduce the overall cost of electrical energy consumed by the consumer. Moreover, it should be noted that solar energy is more affordable as compared to coal and gas. Solar panels are a one-time investment kind of thing. Once the power consumption is covered majorly by solar energy, you will witness a decline in electricity expenses.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Evaska offers the best solar panel kits for homes, and a solar setup is incredibly easy to install with the skills and equipment that you will get at Evaska. In addition to this, it should be noted that there is a restricted number of parts, because of which the installation is hassle-free and really cost-effective.

Works as a Power Backup

The on-grid solar power system is not able to be consumed at the point it gets over. Therefore, it is always better to consider methods of storing and reusing it in an emergency. The on-grid solar power system is capable of acting as a virtual battery that can hold power so that it can be utilized later or transferred.


You now must be aware of the fact that solar power plants based on a grid possess a broader scope for the advantages of producing energy for electric utilities. They are undeniably the perfect substitute for the electricity produced by coal and gas.


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