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Are Solar Panels Effective In Cloudy Weather

Are Solar Panels Effective In Cloudy Weather

The hype around solar panels is quite evident. Wouldn’t you agree? The world, at present, is big on the efficient use and conservation of natural resources. It is a no-brainer that solar energy tops the list of sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives. Solar panels, also known as PV panels, utilise solar rays, a natural and renewable source of energy, to extract power and support electrical loads. Wondering how it works? Well, the radiant rays of the sun comprise tiny particles of energy, also called photons. The panels, designed using individual solar cells, capture the photons and convert them into strong and usable energy.

Now that you know that PV panels collect clean, renewable energy in the form of sun rays, do you wonder if the panels work on a cloudy day? Let’s answer. 

Do solar panels work in bleary and cloudy weather? 

Solar panels do not stop working when it’s dark, cloudy, or pouring cats and dogs. A grim and rainy day features dark or low-light conditions. While it may sound obvious that the panel fails to extract photons from the bright sun rays, solar panels only result in a 10%-25% dip in efficiency. 

Photovoltaic (PV) panels have been significantly improved and are extremely reliable. Hence, the panels are equipped enough to efficiently utilise direct and indirect sunlight to generate power. 

Are you of the idea that solar panels are latest discoveries of the recent technology-driven era? Incorrect! Little did you know that the invention was first brought on board by Bell Labs in 1954? What started off as an experiment with a Ferris wheel toy is now a thriving and large-scale industry. Are you searching for a proficient and scalable solar company in Ghaziabad? Evaska Energy crops up as a first and leading-edge choice of solar solutions in the northern corner of the country. The company is known to offer a diverse range of solar energy solutions and customise products as per one’s requirements. 

How different is a solar panel today?

The design and efficiency of solar panels have evolved with time. Currently, there are four types of panels in market. These include crystalline, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels. Each solar panel varies in appearance, performance, and cost of installation. For example, the most efficient and powerful of all is the crystalline solar panel. If you are looking for a resilient but portable solar panel for your home, a thin-film panel works the best. However, monocrystalline solar panels are the most expensive of all. Any clue why? Well, the manufacturing techniques of the solar panel are pricey. The panels also feature single silicon crystals that are not only energy-intensive but expensive too. 

Why is solar panel installation a good idea? 

It is no secret that solar power is the most abundant source of energy on earth, thus making it renewable. It can be harnessed in all corners of the world and is inexhaustible. Electricity or heat, the Photovoltaic panels can generate it all. Also, the unavailability of electricity in areas deprived of an upscale electric grid is a pressing issue, even today. Integrating solar panels is a promising and proven solution. Electricity sourced via solar settings can be utilised to distil water in regions affected by poor quality water. Here’s a surprising fact about solar power: did you know solar panels could power satellites too?

Besides, resources like solar power dwindle the increased use of natural gas, petroleum, coal, and, of course, biomass. This, in turn, reduces the baneful emissions and carbon footprints that are disastrous for the environment. What’s more? Solar power contributes to a significant drop in energy bills too. Think about the perks of having less to pay when running large machines for commercial purposes. Wondering if a solar panel setup for home is efficient enough to power commercial spaces? Not really! However, there are commercial solar panels available too.

Do connect with Evaska Energy if you are searching for a solar power company in Noida, Ghaziabad, or nearby areas of the northern capital. The expertise and quality of products and installation services are unparalleled. 

Solar energy panels are rumoured as expensive investments. A myth, truly! In fact, the maintenance of the solar setups are hassle-free and definitely not pricey. So, why wait? The pro’s of installing solar panels are spilled. Choose an eco-friendly alternative to exhaustible fuel source.


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