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Bifacial Solar Panel Price in India: Specifications & Compressions

Bifacial Solar Panel Price in India: Specifications & Compressions

Due to their innovative design and remarkable performance, bifacial solar panels have completely transformed the solar technology market. These cutting-edge substitutes may remarkably collect sunlight from both the front and the back, in contrast to regular solar panels. Bifacial panels have produced a record-breaking 25% boost in power output by using reflected light from a variety of sources, including the ground, nearby solar panels, and reflecting surfaces. 

Bifacial solar panels are unique in that they have two functions. The panel's rear side maximises energy generation by using reflected light, while the front side effectively collects direct sunlight. Bifacial panels represent a breakthrough in renewable energy because of their creative approach, which has greatly increased power generation efficiency. 

Bifacial solar panels are pushing the limits of solar technology with their dual-mode functioning and intricate construction. They are revolutionising the industry because of their capacity to harness both direct and reflected light, which has significantly increased the amount of power generated and is still proving its worth for every bifacial solar panel price. Accepting these cutting-edge panels is a step towards a more sustainable and optimistic future.

Let’s Know More About Bifacial Solar Panel Price

Presently, the market share of bifacial solar panels in the residential, commercial, and industrial domains is around 5%. On the other hand, a projected increase in the market share of bifacial solar panels is expected for the next four to five years. The primary cause of this rise is the growing difficulty of finding enough space for conventional rooftop solar panel installations. It's hard for urbanites to fit traditional solar panels into their cramped living quarters. Prominent Indian producers of solar panels, such as Evaska Energy, manufacture bifacial solar panels.
Important Points:

Market share at this time:

Currently, 5% of the market for solar panels used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes is made up of biaxial panels.

Projected Growth:

The forecasted rise in bifacial solar panels' market share for the following four to five years.

Prominent Indian manufacturers, like Evaska Energy, are some of the best firms that provide the best price for solar and are actively engaged in the development of bifacial solar panels.

Installing bifacial solar panels at residential or commercial buildings has several benefits, chief among them being the effective use of rooftop areas. These panels not only increase the amount of power produced in a small installation space but also improve the installation site's visual appeal.

Space Utilisation:

Bifacial solar panels solve space restrictions by maximising power output within a small installation area.


In addition to being useful, these panels enhance the installation area's aesthetic appeal. To distinguish bifacial solar panels from "half-cut solar panels," the former must have a methodical configuration of bifacial solar cells. Bifacial solar panels are becoming more and more popular among customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for a variety of uses, including houses, schools, hospitals, and much more.

Wide acceptance:

There is a growing trend of acceptance in several industries, including commercial, industrial, and residential applications. A significant disadvantage of bifacial solar panels is that they need a "high installation area." There may be restrictions on how feasible installation is if customers do not have RCC (reinforced cement concrete) roofing. 

It's important to remember that when bifacial solar panels are mounted on Tin Shade roofs, which are frequently seen in factories and manufacturing facilities, the panels cannot produce power from their rear side. This is explained by the sharp decline in the amount of power generated since there is little to no reflection of the installation surface.

Let’s Discuss the Price of Solar

Renowned for their remarkable energy efficiency, bifacial solar panels are priced between Rs. 37 and Rs. 52 per watt. This implies that you should budget between Rs. 2,00,000 and Rs. 2,10,000 if you want to install a 3kW solar panel system employing these cutting-edge panels, also referred to as a solar system. 

The brand, quality, and extra features are some of the variables that might affect the price of bifacial solar panels. The purpose of these panels is to maximise energy output and overall efficiency by capturing sunlight from both sides. They differ from conventional solar panels in that they can collect sunlight from both sides. The capacity of bifacial solar panels to produce more power than conventional panels justifies their higher price range. These panels may exploit reflected and diffused light by using solar radiation from both sides, increasing their energy production. They are a desirable option for anyone looking to maximise their solar energy output because of their increased efficiency. 

The investment needed for a 3kW solar panel system with bifacial panels, it's crucial to remember, extends beyond the panel's price. You should also take into account other parts like inverters, wiring, mounting structures, and installation expenses. The unique needs of the installation site and the system's complexity might affect these additional costs.

Evaska Energy: An Epitmoic Bifacial Solar Panel Provider

With improved performance in a range of climatic circumstances, flexible installation options, and greater energy output, bifacial solar panels signify a significant advancement in solar technology. They need a somewhat larger initial investment, but the long-term advantages in sustainability and energy efficiency make them an unbeatable deal. 

Bifacial panels offer a solution for anybody thinking about installing solar panels in Gurgaon or any other place. They not only solve energy needs, but they also help create a more sustainable and greener future. These panels are essential to our global transition as more and more people turn to renewable energy. Accept this cutting-edge technology, capture solar energy from both angles and enjoy more effective energy fulfilment. Beyond only improving technology, bifacial solar panels open the door to a more sustainable and clean energy future. They may successfully satisfy your energy demands while having a good influence on the environment and your financial results with proper design, installation, and utilisation.

Solar power is not simply a choice but a huge obligation in India, where the sun represents life and unflinching strength. A beacon of pure, renewable energy, Evaska Energy's solar panel solutions illuminate residences and commercial buildings. In India, every ray of sunshine harvested today feeds the promise of a greener future, and this decision is in perfect harmony with that goal. For individuals looking for an economical, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient option, a solar panel system and its associated cost are the obvious choices. Take a look at the transition towards a sustainable energy future as you set out on this life-changing adventure with Evaska Energy.



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