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Five Crucial Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Five Crucial Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Are you thinking of installing a solar panel at home? You surely might have heard that solar or photovoltaic panels are highly effective at generating electricity. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly endeavour that cuts down on baneful carbon footprints and energy bills. In short, the reasons are compelling enough to install a solar setup at home. Are you searching for a proficient solar energy company in Delhi? Evaska Energy is a growing favourite in and around Delhi. It offers unparalleled technology-driven services and top-notch installations at the best price. 

Installing an upgraded solar system at home is an investment. Don’t you wish to reap the maximum ROI (return on investment)? If yes, you must be aware of the things to look into before setting a solar panel in place. Curious to know more about it? Let’s explain. 

Things to take into account before installing a solar system 

  1. A fair share of technical knowledge 

There is no way you can be mindless about picking out the right solar technology. If you aren’t aware already, the technology around solar power has evolved over the years. For example, an enhanced photovoltaic technology produces solar energy. A thermal technology, on the other hand, converts solar power into heat. Also, are you short on space? If yes, a monocrystalline solar panel is your best option. The panels are designed using photo-voltaic cells and are highly efficient in producing solar electricity. Besides, there are polycrystalline panels and thin film panels too.

Always remember, there is no one dedicated solar system for homes and commercial places of all sizes. Do the groundwork and connect with a good solar power company or installer in Noida, Faridabad, or Delhi for seamless services. Evaska Energy, for instance. 

1. A full-scale rooftop survey

Any proficient installer makes sure to wrap up a thorough site survey before setting up a solar panel. Keep in mind that every rooftop is different and, therefore, demands a personalised solar plan to reap maximum output. Analysing factors like the size of a roof, shade around the roof, the orientation and material of the roof, and more. While most solar panels efficiently use direct and indirect sunlight to generate electricity, shadows may impede and reduce solar panel performance by a percentage. Chalking out a safety plan is just as crucial. For example, keeping a check on unsafe structure joints and wire joints is critical. It ensures that there are no safety flip-ups post installation. 

2. Measure your energy consumption 

Are you aware of your daily power usage? If not, it might be ideal to keep track of the energy consumption before you agree to install a solar system. It surely is a primary step that helps an installer decide the right size and the right number of solar panels. 

If you are looking for a solar company in Faridabad, Evaska Energy is a good choice. The company, however, does ask users for their average energy use to ensure that a decent amount of energy consumption is covered by solar power. 

3. Select the right inverter 

Did you know that solar panels work using an inverter? A solar panel produces direct current (DC). An inverter converts DC into AC, or alternating current, to generate electricity to power a wide number of applications. What’s more? There is no one type of inverter that works for multiple purposes. For example, there is string, a centralised inverter that is certainly cost-effective but is slightly weak in terms of performance. Next is a microinverter, a slightly pricier alternative but effective too. 

If you are unsure of the type of inverter that works best for your solar setting and requirements, do consult with a professional solar energy company in Delhi. When choosing a hybrid or off-grid inverter, it is also valuable to check the condition and life of the battery.

4. Always, always choose a trustworthy installer 

Now that you are heedful of the parameters to keep tabs on, make sure you go forward with a trusted installer. Remember that the prim and proper working of your solar panel and the life of the solar power setup rely on the quality of the product installed. Also, regular maintenance ensures that each of the components of the system operates fine and is less likely to conk out. 

Cheap does sound better. However, failing to choose the right installer, proficient services, and efficient products is significant. If not, it could cause a bigger dent in your funds. A well-known solar power company in Noida, Faridabad, and pretty much the NCR zones of Delhi is Evaska Energy. The company focuses on rewarding customers with the best and maximum benefits of solar power panels.


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