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Guide To Cleaning Solar panels

Guide To Cleaning Solar panels

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly for maximum performance and utmost generation. The dust particles and dirt is accumulated on the surface of solar panels, which reduces the expected output of the solar plant. If not cleaned regularly, it also harms the health and performance of the solar panel in the long run. The main question is, “Steps to get your solar panels cleaned”?

Through this blog, we will be able to brief you about the complete steps to maintain your solar panels and clean them on a regular basis.

Firstly, we need to understand the basic concept of “How do solar panels generate electricity?”

The solar radiation that falls on the solar cells (photovoltaic cells) convert the sunlight directly into electricity. It is that type of energy that is generated by the sun. Solar panels generate DC electricity that is converted into AC electricity later on through the solar inverter. Once you install solar panels on your roof, generating electricity is entirely free of cost. You also can save your excess energy in batteries that can be later used during power outages.

Why do you clean solar panels?

As we all know, solar panels can be installed on both roofs of a building or land. This makes the surface of the solar panels entirely in contact with the atmosphere. It is proven that solar panels are always placed facing the clouds. Because of this, solar panels will always attract dust particles, dirt spots and bird droppings which reduces the excepted generation from solar panels. It also affects the overall hygiene and health of solar panels in the long run.

How often do you need to clean solar panels?

Solar panel cleaning is a necessary action that needs to be performed every next day once your solar panel starts collecting dirt on the surface of the solar panel.

It also entirely depends on the location where the solar panels are installed. If it is a place where there is a lot of dust accumulation, you need to consider regular cleaning. We suggest users take proper care of solar panels and their hygiene. Solar panel performance increased approximately 20-25% after adequate cleaning. Solar panel system for home requires at least once or twice cleaning every month for proper functioning.

It entirely depends on the location of the solar panel installation. If it is installed in someplace with frequent heavy dust storms, you require regular solar panel cleaning with water. Also, if you see bird droppings on the solar panels and dirt spots accumulating, you have to clean them in short intervals. You cannot avoid cleaning solar panels regularly as it is the most critical part of solar panel maintenance.

How to clean your solar panels?

Cleaning solar panels is the same as cleaning any glass window or delicate object. It needs to be cleaned frequently with water to avoid dirt or dust particle accumulation on the solar panel surface.

To start with cleaning solar panels, it is advised to read the manufacturer’s recommendation for solar panel cleaning. To begin with, you can start by cleaning solar panels with water pipes. Nothing fancy is required. Also, you can keep a soft cloth wiper with you for removing the dust particles that are stuck on the glass. Every 15 to 20 days, it is recommended to clean the solar panels with water. This will increase the efficiency and performance of solar panels and keep them properly functioning for 25 whole years.

Keep in mind cleaning the top glass surface of the solar panels with water and not the backside with cables and junction box fixed on them.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Before starting the cleaning procedure of solar panels, try shutting down the solar system.
  2. Always carry your safety gear and tools if climbing a roof that is on height.
  3. Solar panels are hot when generating electricity. So, avoid cleaning them in the afternoon in daylight. Try doing it early in the morning before it starts getting hot or later in the evening when it is not generating much electricity. While the solar panels are hot and you try spraying cold water on them, the glass on the surface of the solar panels can crack and break.  
  4. Always spray water on the top glass surface of the solar panels. Never try cleaning the solar panels from beneath as it has cables and junction box present in them.
  5. Using proper equipment like the nozzle of the water pipe and cloth wiper will help remove dirt particles from the solar panels.
  6. It is advised not to use any sharp or metallic objects to clean the solar panels, as they can cause scratches or break the glass. This will affect its efficiency and output.
  7. It is suggested that you only use plain water for cleaning the solar panels. Any unapproved third-party solution or liquid can harm the quality of solar cells or their efficiency.
  8. Don’t stand or put any upfront force on the solar panels for cleaning them. Just let them stay the way there.
  9. Don’t ever remove or uninstall the solar panels from the solar mounting structure for cleaning them, as it may disturb the technical wiring.
  10. Always try cleaning the solar panels as per the suggestions given by the manufacturer keeping in mind the workmanship and performance warranty.

Can we do it on our own?

Yes, you can clean the solar panels on your own. It would help if you tried keeping in mind the abovementioned points. It is not such a difficult task to complete, but it is always better to do it with utmost care and precautions. It is advisable that you contact rooftop solar companies in Delhi NCR before trying it for the first time. Once you know all the steps, you are ready to go.


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